Getting the Tape Grain Glitch case back into working order… plus Track – Sounds From the Universe

More or less took a couple week musical break. Two things happened. First, I wanted to do some more case modifications to my make noise case… and having to take it apart, drill and Dremel… it was a several day investment of time for getting it all squared away, measure everything to get it to fit, get it back together… and just hope that I haven’t overloaded the power supply!

However, that work is done…

The case now has modded into it an ES-8/ES-5/ES-6 for input and output access when I want it… though I’m not sure how much I’ll use the ES-5 because… well it is vampire’d off of the ES-8 outputs 7/8, and I’m pretty sure miRack doesn’t have a silent way patch in it… I suppose I could always figure out the math and make my own patch… but it’s also possible that I send signals out 7/8… and use the ES-5 as a somewhat random output… I don’t know.

The other side of the case I modded in the Strymon AA.1 (in addition to the Ladik euro to line and line to euro modules up top.

A few thoughts for somebody looking to hard mod their case like this. First… it’s not easy, and it makes a huge metal shaving mess. As I mentioned in previous posts… I would have any knobs or switches exposed outside of your case, they are liable to break. For me I am only modding in modules into this case that I think are going to have a good utility usage, something I’d almost always want in the case, and doesn’t have any crazy parts sticking out so I can take it with me to a gig.

Anyways… this is a 100% Tape Grain Glitch patch… no Akai or SP or anything… it’s just a glitchy sound on Morphagene with automation on morph, then grain size, and start… that output is pushed through the AA.1 into/out of Cooper FX Arcades guitar pedal with the Generation Loss on CD skip, that is being run through Mimeophon for some tonally changing delays with automated adjustments to the Halo effect, then pushed through Beads for some additional space and other tonal additions. This recording is probably the rough second half of me being interested in the fake environmental sound and trying to see which ways I could push it to both keep it interesting as well as continue to make it feel like a somewhat real space. If space frogs suit you… you’ll probably get a kick out of this track.

Good to be back to messing around… and will definitely start patching things back up for the more chilled out beats, but also want to spend some time adventuring back in ambient land 😀

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