CooperFX: Arcades – Satellite Sound Walkthrough

I was bummed to hear that CooperFX was going to end making guitar pedals, but super excited to learn that the next move is to begin working on pedals with Chase Bliss Audio. Amazing! Even more amazing, is that the Satellite card was released as the last card for the Cooper FX: Arcades. Definitely excited to hear what is in store for CooperFX in the future!

I guess this is the last hurrah for the Arcades. My advice to others, unless you have a reason to have the Satellite card for the XP-300 space station emulation, I’d hold out and see what this morphs into over in Chase Bliss land.

Today the Satellite card is already going for well over $500, and it is likely to go higher. This is an insane cost, and while I feel that the card has plenty of value to it, $500 is completely crazy.

Anyways, this is just my walkthrough and take of the card. If there’s interest I’ll happily go through more of the cards to show off what they do.

Drop a note in the comments if you’d like to see something and I’ll see what I can do. Stay cool and keep jamming everybody!

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