Couple of SP-404 mk2 tracks

Still having fun with the mk2! I find it to occupy a nice space between my other gear, it’s not as powerful as the MPC Live as a sampler or for creating patterns, but there’s also something refreshing about being limited. Also, the product line has been quite focussed on resampling in the past, and the 404 mk2 really isn’t different from that regard. To get the most out of it you’re encouraged to sample from your line/instrument/mic inputs and use fx to sculpt a sound from there. Yeah yeah… super natural for people who have been there, but I’ve been seeing some people saying they are not into resampling… and what the SP to be something it probably never will be.

At any rate, I think it’s found a spot in my studio… and so far been doing a pretty slick job replacing the SP-202 and SP-303. Definitely does not sound the same, and not sure I’ll sell either off, but for now they are one of the few instruments I’m letting stay tucked away safely and not thinking about selling them off.

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