Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.5b

I’ve spent a few days kicking off writing a guide for the Roland SP-404 mk2. Today I got about four hours into working on this document, and there is still so much more to do! You can grab the currently latest version here…

I managed to get a couple more hours into the guide and created a 0.5b document. Some restructuring, adjusting some sections to Roland terminology, and working through the Sampling section a bit.

There is a fair amount about the mk2 that is not terribly well documented, or the way it is defined doesn’t line up well with how I would talk about things for any other gear. Polyphony is a good example, and something like the MPC 500 had 32 note polyphony, but this was monophonic. The mk2 states that it has 32 note polyphony, but this is by voice. I suspect that a voice is stereo not monophonic, but I haven’t quite figured this out definitively. This is leaving me with having to make the decision of figuring things out for sure, or trying to fill out more sections. Both will be valuable and need to be done, but it’s going to be a broader task than I expected.

Also, I had originally thought I wouldn’t try and replicate the online manual, but the more I am writing up the more I think it is necessary to some extent, solely for the reason that I’m concerned that directly referencing an online only manual, that is subject to change, and may not be able to be referenced in the future is going to ask for trouble. So please have some patience, but also feel free to give me any feedback that you may have. For now at least I am all ears!

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