Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.7

This was done yesterday, but family interrupted and I couldn’t get it posted.

I started some information about gain staging, and then got side tracked. I mean it is important, but maybe doesn’t make a *ton* of sense in the context of the mk2, still… will keep it in here for now, and see what makes sense as the book progresses. If anything, having the gain staging section prompted me to go off and try an experiment with EXT SOURCE and the pad turning red. Short answer if you don’t want to read the book is that the pad turns red if you are digitally clipping. If you want this or want to avoid it is definitely up to you.

At least I now have a bit of an idea for a format to run the experiments, and it will help to fill out stuff in the frequently asked questions section. Also, had a few requests for some workflows, so I might try and drop a beat making section. Finally… uhm… tried to start to explain sampling, but got entirely side tracked by the rest of my day, so… will get there eventually, but boy is it so dang simple… I doubt anybody is waiting for me to cover how to record new samples straight in, but there are some cool things you can do… so we’ll see.


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