Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.16

Alright, an absolutely epic update today. This one broke my brain working on it for about five hours straight.

I spent a fair amount of time just getting the handful of pages written up about Skip Back. I had to chase down a few things that I thought I knew how they worked, but I wanted to make sure I captured it properly.

The real work though, was filling out the previously titled Mixer section, and now renamed to Audio Signal Flow section. Just drawing the diagram was a lot of work, and then peeling apart each layer was an important onion to break down, but holy smokes. I kind of just gave up at the Limiter and Clipper section because I don’t see *anything* that remotely explains how they work for the mk2 or why they are there. I’ve seen some people mentioning the mk2 coloring their sound, and I wonder if there is something going on here… which will require some experiments, but I am D O N E for the day. Maybe I’ll get more time on the book tomorrow.

Hopefully a lot of good information there… and I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a lot simpler to document than it was. For how “simple” the mk2 is, the Audio Signal Flow might be the most complex and most important thing for SP heads out there to understand.

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