Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.20

This is mostly about restructuring the guide… and setting it up for a more consumable future.

First, didn’t mean to take so long, or be such a small update overall, but I guess I fell off the working on the mk2 wagon. Part of my time went to wrapping up artwork for a children’s book I’ve been working on with my sister for a year now, and I don’t know… I guess I just haven’t felt myself much the last two or three weeks. No big deal, but just kind of hit this funk. The “I am tired of being home all the time and never really seeing anybody” head space. Ended up taking a long weekend with my wife in Burlington VT while my parent’s watched our daughter and two dogs. Was good to get out, have a few beers, and if anything, it did give me a bit of a reset and clear my head some.

Hopefully the chapter sections help to give a bit more structure to what I’m trying to do here, and at the very least should help me push people to the right sections to get the answers they are looking for. I’m hoping that the introduction sections will help ground people a bit on where my head is at with the sections, and I’m looking forward to taking some time to fill out the tips and tricks section with some advice to get people to think outside of the box.

Speaking of thinking outside of the box, putting together the In Five vids has been a big help in getting me to think about how to show and explain using the mk2. So yes, that’s been part of the drain, just putting these things together, and then getting all kinds of feedback and all, but I do think it has been helpful overall. I did get a request to put all the videos together into one playlist, and I’ve done that now at

I’m closing in on 100 videos (at 61 uploaded with another 9 or 10 recorded)… so if people have anything they’d like to see I’m open to ideas, or happy to keep going in whatever direction I fancy to take.

Anyways, keep making beats everybody and we’ll catch up again soon!

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