Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.21

The update is mostly focussed on system settings.

The big section update is for the Chapter on the Utility menu, and for at least System, Pad Set, and EFX Set, I have added as much color and detail as possible without loosing my mind. I know I’ve said I wouldn’t try to recreate the manual, but I felt it was important to go over these sections because the interface does a poor job explaining what some of the settings are, and the manual isn’t exactly clear of why you would want to use some of these settings.

In my mind, there should be some UI tweaks to make the settings more clear. For example, Pad Mutes is Master or Mst+Phn… which is okay, but why is Output Assign On/Off. I just find it odd, and the official reference manual doesn’t necessarily make some of these settings much more clear unless you already are familiar with the concepts.

For those of you worried that the foray into working on the YouTube videos has slowed me down, well I hope it hasn’t. If anything, it’s given me a bit of an extra push to better understand how some of the areas on the mk2 work. The videos won’t be up for a while, but I learned a lot recording some Midi configuration videos, and that information will definitely make it’s way into the guide. Possibly even before the videos go live.

Anyways, keep learning and keep making beats, peace!

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