Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.22

The update is mostly focussed on the Midi and Companion App chapters

I suppose the “big news” is that firmware version 1.15 dropped. It fixes a couple of bugs, I don’t think I ever hit them. Given this rather weak update for the mk2, my suspicion is that we’re not likely to see anything terribly interesting for firmware updates until the supply chain issues work themselves out. I get it, Roland wants to get the most market bang for the buck, and if they are continuing to sell through stock before it ever hits the shelves, then there is no reason to do anything expansive until they need to be able to drive more business. I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I just don’t think belly aching about the lack of new filters, or new features, or whatever you’d like is going to get much traction right now.

The overall state of the guide is starting to come together in a good way. I know I have a lot more random sections to fill out or get clarity on, but by and large the guide is pretty well fleshed out, and has a lot of the information I had set out to put together. For people that have reached out about it, I do recognize that updates have also slowed down a bit for the guide. It actually has little to do with making the videos, and more to do with moving into spring time, helping my family with some person things, and trying to figure out where music fits in to my life. I could see myself selling off most of my gear (possibly the mk2 as well) and being incredibly happy with 3-4 instruments that I could learn far more deeply than I can with all of the gear that I currently have.

For those of you who keep reaching out, whether through the discord channel, forum posts, YouTube comments, email, feel free to say hi or ask questions. I’m trying to keep up and help where I can.

Stay cool everybody, and have a wonderful day. Until next time…

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