#jamtember2021 Track – Passed the Sunrise

Just a straight up Eurorack event today… nothing else… Above is the recording that I did on the eurorack, from just a couple of samples in both the Morphagenes and stretched to their limits. There is some digital artifacting or clipping sounds, and I’ll be honest, it is hard to tell if it is comingContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Passed the Sunrise”

#jamtember2021 Track – Green Light

Just messing around way more today than I have all month… but this is for better or worse lol 😀 So the Jam Session… just loaded up a kit and figured I’d mess around for 10-15 minutes Near the end I had no idea what I had in the Morphagene buffers, and just kind ofContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Green Light”

#jamtember2021 Track – Latitude

This is two takes… I recorded some YouTube videos and uploaded to soundcloud as well… take two is better, but just wanted to show what the heck I was doing. And… here are the YouTube videos Anyways… for those who are interested… finally gettin Beads added to the case and was just messing around withContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Latitude”

#jamtember2021 Track – Wanderlust

Hah… this shook out after three or four failed attempts to get something jamming right. Picture is from the trip to Yellowstone… I mean… if you ever can… you got to go. Just amazing. Yeah yeah yeah… another vaporwave style… and I swear, I’ll get some videos up of the process I’m doing… honestly nothingContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Wanderlust”

#jamtember2021 Track – Don’t Forget Grandma

So… you literally have to smile when you hear the song and see the pic together… It’s like illegal or something if you don’t. Now… you don’t have to like either individually, but as a total package… well… The picture is of my grandmother, or as many people knew her, as the world’s grandma. SheContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Don’t Forget Grandma”

#jamtember2021 Track – Everything Hurts

Well… this kind of went into the DnB direction… and I just gave it a shot… takes 30 seconds to come together, which isn’t really great… but maybe next time. As for the picture. Well this is my friend bee. Found the poor guy hanging out on my deck post, and wasn’t flying away. SoContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Everything Hurts”

#jamtember2021 Track – Flying Low

Well not really what I meant to do… had a sample prepared on the 202… and then in a rush I deleted it… yo… not my finest. Next time I need to leave a sticky note or something for something *face palm* Anyways… this was… I dunno… just another thing tossed together. Haven’t been feelingContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Flying Low”