#jamcember – Unbalanced Balance

Day 3… still at it 😀 This started as a four bar loop about two or three weeks ago on my Akai MPC Live mk2, and I just left the main loop running for like an hour and didn’t get sick of it. The drums were all on the same track and I did needContinue reading “#jamcember – Unbalanced Balance”

#jamcember – My Peaceful Day

First track for #jamcember and trying to do a track a day. Just a lofi track to relax to. Yeah I know it’s kind of noisy… as the lofi folks like? A lot of vinyl, tape, and other random clicks and clacks. All done on the MPC Live mk2. I’ll probably keep all of theContinue reading “#jamcember – My Peaceful Day”

MPC Programs – NT S950 Volume 4

Got some more S950 programs sampled, but first, here’s the link. The big thing I learned this time around was that from the Sampler menu, if you select a mono source and set the sampling to mono… well I didn’t have to use Fission to covert the samples to mono. That saved some headaches forContinue reading “MPC Programs – NT S950 Volume 4”

S950 and S1000 White Noise and Drum Break Comparison

A conversation started on MPC Forums about the MPC & S900/950 Routing Question. We got into details about how the S900/S950 worked, which then lead into S900/S950 samples sounding more full on the S1000 and later. I ended up taking a stab at sampling both white noise and a drum break on the S950 withContinue reading “S950 and S1000 White Noise and Drum Break Comparison”

MPC Programs – NT S950 Volume 3

I’m back at it for another round of sampling off of my trusty Akai S950… still working like a champ. Before getting into the details, here’s the link. Good news is that I am getting faster at sampling, but the bad news is that I made a mistake on a few of the programs andContinue reading “MPC Programs – NT S950 Volume 3”

MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 2

I spent some more time last night recording off of the Akai S950… and I can tell you I continue to really dig the low end sound. Before digging in a bit, here is the link: Similar to a few days ago, this is MPC X/Live/One formatted for the program file, but the samples areContinue reading “MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 2”