#jamuary2021 – Piece of Mine

This is the eighteenth track for #jamuary2021… only thirteen(?) to go?! Picture is from my dog Amy… she was totally chilling the other day. Well, honestly, she chills every day! That’s her secret, she’s always relaxed. Except when the wind is blowing leaves around… then she’s full attack mode. Other than that though, she’s conservingContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Piece of Mine”

You just bought an Akai MPC 500, what next?

MPC Bible I will absolutely, highly, emphatically… suggest checking out (i.e. purchasing) MPC Tutor’s excellent Beat Making on the MPC500. This will answer a ton of questions for you, and gives some great exercises to work through if you are unfamiliar with the workflow, or have questions that the MPC 500 Manual doesn’t answer. AndContinue reading “You just bought an Akai MPC 500, what next?”

#jamuary2021 – Fears for Tears

Day 17… The picture is from a painting I did years ago… I think I gave it to my mom? *shrug*… somebody probably still has it. This track came together pretty fast. I started with a pretty basic drum beat and bass line, and tweaked the FX, pitch, etc… a bit to get a bitContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Fears for Tears”

#jamuary2021 – Almost There

Day 16… it may be cold outside but it is getting warm in here… The picture is a chocolate cake we had for Valentine’s Day… really good… I’m pretty sure my wife picked it up at Whole Foods… if I remember correctly. For the track it’s another mix of chops and synths… and auto sampling…Continue reading “#jamuary2021 – Almost There”

#jamuary2021 – Awkward Forgiveness

Fifteen tracks for January… woo! The picture… I believe is from Disney, from the animal park resort. I am pretty sure I mentioned how much my daughter loved that trip. We had a blast, and it was great to see all of the different animals. This track is a mix of chops, and synths. IContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Awkward Forgiveness”

#jamuary2021 – What The

Ooo… this is bad… like… probably the worst thing I threw against the wall… The picture is a sunrise from the other day while I was on my way to take the dogs out for a walk. It is absolutely the best thing about this track. So what happened? Well… I wanted to try toContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – What The”

#jamuary2021 – Salt in the Wound

Day twelve… I tried to slow the track down here… and… well… I kind of like the sound of it, but you can tell just listening to it I drifted off into some mental space that wasn’t so focussed on the track… I suspect this is what happens for creating a new track a dayContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Salt in the Wound”

#jamuary2021 – Come on Over

Trying to pull things I’ve been learning over the last month and a half together into a more coherent type of track… The picture is from one of my trips to the Czech Republic… forget when… there’s definitely a lot of stunning architecture out there, and absolutely worth checking out. About a third of theContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Come on Over”

#jamuary2021 – Old Haunts

Day ten… was on a roll… and then I fell off 😀 The image is from a trip years ago that we took our daughter to the Boston Commons and is of the paddle boat that you can take a little tour around the duck pond. Our daughter was never super excited to get onContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Old Haunts”