Chip Bass – Akai MPC 1k Program

Another mystery sample and program here. It is now nearly a month old, and I cannot remember what the heck I did at *all* for this one. I suppose the dog excuse is still valid and in play, but woof… “the dog ate my homework” never worked in school, and I suppose it doesn’t reallyContinue reading “Chip Bass – Akai MPC 1k Program”

Classy Piano – Akai MPC 1k Program

Well now, this has been sitting in my drafts for way to long. Where did this even come from? Oh yeah, I made the loop in Reason, using a piano patch… which one *shrug*, I forget. But I definitely used the Scream FX to add some wow/flutter, how much? I don’t know… take a listen?Continue reading “Classy Piano – Akai MPC 1k Program”

Insert Original Song Title Here

This is just messing around with the Akai MPC X, I tapped out a beat using the Rawcutz sample pack, and for those that care the sound kit is “HipHop-Kit-RC Ace Kit 95.xmp”. Yeah yeah… I usually do my own chopping and sampling… but I was more interested in just putting something together quick andContinue reading “Insert Original Song Title Here”

Korg Triton Plugin Impressions

While I am normally a bit of a hardware snob lately… I cannot help but continue to be wow’d by just how far software has come, and where software continues to be going. For all the lack of knobs, you often get an incredible amount of features, as well as a reduced price of entry.Continue reading “Korg Triton Plugin Impressions”

Waking to Sunshine – Akai MPC X/Live Program

I’ve got a relatively small backlog of programs to upload, but it is a backlog none the less. As I said in the previous post, one of my dogs got super sick, and I haven’t gotten in the habit of having a lot of posts on standby to cover me when I get busy. Also,Continue reading “Waking to Sunshine – Akai MPC X/Live Program”

Sloppy Piano Chops – Akai MPC 1k Program

Well, I broke down and got a guitar pedal board today, so I could more easily work with multiple pedals. Before it was one at a time, but not any more. Now I can run them in series and mix and match for some more interesting effects. I’ll have to start posting about putting theContinue reading “Sloppy Piano Chops – Akai MPC 1k Program”

LoFi House – Akai MPC 1k Drum Program

Today I decided to play around with Reason again, and ended up recording the LoFi House MPC 1k Program. Really nothing too fancy, but other than routing drums through a 12-bit distortion Rack Extension, with a bunch of tweaking to filter it a bit. Honestly, each drum hit could be better tweaked for a tighterContinue reading “LoFi House – Akai MPC 1k Drum Program”