Music Notation – Dynamics & Akai Auto Sampler

Well over at the MPC Forums a user created a topic Tidy Keygroup Names and thought that there was a bug when they were auto sampling, as it was putting f/p/fm/pm into the names of the samples instead of actual velocity. I chuckled to myself, because this seems kind of strange to show up intoContinue reading “Music Notation – Dynamics & Akai Auto Sampler”

Do you need more music gear?

We all love adding new instruments, effects, processors, computers, mixers, samplers, recorders, display cases, and cables (well really, cables?), but we should all take the time to ask ourselves if we really need more gear! As musicians, part of the fun in being creative is getting a new tool to express ourselves. There are companiesContinue reading “Do you need more music gear?”

Nothing but Drifters

I just picked up the Cooper FX: Arcade… and have been putting several of the cards through their paces to see what kinds of sounds I can get out of them. So far, enjoying the tape effects, lofi effects, and getting some quite interesting distortion. Definitely feels like a pedal I can take on theContinue reading “Nothing but Drifters”

MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge Sounds

I recorded off some of the sounds that I used on the OP-1 as key groups into the MPC Live mk2. They are not going to sound exactly the same, but it should be pretty close. Definitely go into the key group and change the release to taste, as I pretty much left them asContinue reading “MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge Sounds”

Track – MPCBB #290 – Heavy Drag

I put this track together for MPC Forums BB #290. It was a quick flip on the MPC Live mk2… and although I did a lot of chopping, I literally just went with the loop that I pulled and then just dropped percussion all around it. There isn’t too much to say about this becauseContinue reading “Track – MPCBB #290 – Heavy Drag”