OS X Catalina – Music Automatically Opening Files Downloaded from Safari

TL;DR go to Safari -> Perferences -> General, and uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading to disable automatic opening of files downloaded by Safari. A problem I’ve had with downloading content in OS X has been that a lot of files will automatically open once you’ve downloaded them. For compressed files, it will uncompress them,Continue reading “OS X Catalina – Music Automatically Opening Files Downloaded from Safari”

OP-Z oplab Installation

The oplab module for my OP-Z finally showed up today. I ordered it back in July, and it’s been backordered for quite some time. I read on the op-forums people having problems with the oplab latch, warped cases, etc… so I wasn’t totally sure how it was going to work out. I was certainly concernedContinue reading “OP-Z oplab Installation”

Chase Bliss Generation Loss First Impressions

While I was traveling to Bangalore for work Chase Bliss dropped the Generation Loss, and unfortunately I missed the pre-order window on Reverb. I tried to check it out the next day, but it was already sold out. I spent the next few days wondering if I really needed this device, or it was goingContinue reading “Chase Bliss Generation Loss First Impressions”

Old School Cinema for Akai MPC X/Live

The patch Old School Cinema started life on the Pocket Operator Tonic. I recorded the hits into the Akai S950 at 10khz, because I was afraid that some of the longer bass notes would exhaust the sample memory, and honestly I didn’t want to be chopping on the S950 for an hour. I was ableContinue reading “Old School Cinema for Akai MPC X/Live”

Akai S950 Tape Grand Piano for MPC X/Live

Here is my next patch for my MPC X Tape Grand Piano. I started with a multisample Grand Piano sampled into the Akai S950 at C/F note intervals. So samples a bit stretched, but it sounds pleasant enough, and certainly a bit more realistic than the strings a made recently. The patch was again routedContinue reading “Akai S950 Tape Grand Piano for MPC X/Live”

Akai S950 String Program For MPC Live/X

Hey everybody! Today I spent some time trimming recording in a string sample into the Akai S950.  It was about 20 seconds or so long.  The idea was to make something that could be pitched up reasonably high and still have a reasonable length to it. Once I completed sampling into the S950, I usedContinue reading “Akai S950 String Program For MPC Live/X”