Syncing your MPC Live mk2/X/One to Eurorak Pamela’s New Workout

This video shows how to sync up your MPC Live mk2/X/One over CV gates to a Pamela’s New Workout. Honestly, I’m not too worried about the variance in the BPM that shows up at higher levels. I’ve monitored the gates being sent over CV and have seen that it is not dropping gates, so overContinue reading “Syncing your MPC Live mk2/X/One to Eurorak Pamela’s New Workout”

Should You Make Your Kicks and Bass Mono?

Over on MPC Forums DokBrown asked about making kicks and bass mono, and the impacts on making a better sounding mix/master. Personally, I think for home studio creation, your bass or kick being mono doesn’t terribly matter. A reason to consider making your bass or kick mono might be if you’ve got a cross overContinue reading “Should You Make Your Kicks and Bass Mono?”

You just bought an Akai MPC Live/X/One, what next?

Folks seem to have liked the You just bought an Akai MPC 500, what next? post, so it’s about time to put one together for the MPC Live/X/One family of MPCs. Internal Storage I am moving this to the top, as a warning to MPC buyers. This shouldn’t put you off from buying the device, butContinue reading “You just bought an Akai MPC Live/X/One, what next?”

NT-Modular-Be Spoke Accordian

Was kind of hunting around for a bit of an accordion sound, and figured this was close enough to a synthetic sound as I was going to make with the modular case today. It’s very similar to the NT-Modular-Wet Lazers key group I put together, just a few patch changes for how the filter operatesContinue reading “NT-Modular-Be Spoke Accordian”

NT-Modular-Wet Lazers

Okay… queue up the kinda cheesy FX sounds… this is mostly just the Disting EX routed through Squawk Dirty To Me for filtering. Honestly it’s not *that* special, but I did do a little bit of LFO routing into a VCA into the resonance CV control to get that slight vibration sound. I did tryContinue reading “NT-Modular-Wet Lazers”

NT-Modular-Last Breath

This is a super simple patch I put together on the modular, simple because this smaller case only has a handful of modules in it. While it isn’t complete yet, I wanted to test out and see how well it did or did not work. The sound is basically an oscillator running on the DistingContinue reading “NT-Modular-Last Breath”

How to Setup Your Akai MPC Live/X using Bluetooth Midi with your iPad running Synth One

Well folks, I’m continuing to try and help you out for questions in the comments. Let’s see if this Synth One specific video helps. I suspect that the issue with the MPC not seeing audio is due to the user not hooking up the audio outputs from their iPad/iPhone to the MPC, but just aContinue reading “How to Setup Your Akai MPC Live/X using Bluetooth Midi with your iPad running Synth One”

How to sync your OP-1 to your MPC Live/X/One

This is just a quick video to walk you through how to sync a Teenage Engineering OP-1 to an Akai MPC Live/X/One over USB. The steps are pretty straightforward, but I’m going to add the steps below as well for those that would prefer to skip the video and just want some text to followContinue reading “How to sync your OP-1 to your MPC Live/X/One”