Track – MPCBB #290 – Heavy Drag

I put this track together for MPC Forums BB #290. It was a quick flip on the MPC Live mk2… and although I did a lot of chopping, I literally just went with the loop that I pulled and then just dropped percussion all around it. There isn’t too much to say about this becauseContinue reading “Track – MPCBB #290 – Heavy Drag”

MPC Forums OP-1 Question…

Over at MPC Forums Danoc was asking a bit about the OP-1… here’s my response. It’s the Teenage Engineering OP-1. It has taken on the status of being an overpriced (released in 2011’ish at about $799 USD, today sells new for $1299 USD which was the latest price hike in 2019) piece of hipster musicContinue reading “MPC Forums OP-1 Question…”

MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge – Systematic Noise

This is my third pass at a Synth Pop track. I did some cool stuff on the MPC Live, but it is definitively not Synth Pop. Something I will absolutely put together as a finished track, but both tracks strayed from the Synth Pop sound way too much, and I decided I’d give it oneContinue reading “MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge – Systematic Noise”

Track – STBB #704 – Where is Molly

I just got kind of into the dark vibe of the sounds after pitching things down. I suspect the vocals are take it or leave it… and I definitely could have cleaned them up a bit. I guess it could come across as some mumbling or something, but that wasn’t my intent. I also thinkContinue reading “Track – STBB #704 – Where is Molly”

Track – STBB703 – Greatest Destiny

This track… well the rule was to use the sample… and do something outside your comfort zone. I rarely put any kind of silence in my track, so I wanted to force myself to have breaks throughout the song, but have it sound as natural as possible. Most of the track was put together onContinue reading “Track – STBB703 – Greatest Destiny”

Track – MPCBB289 – Long Way to Go

A bit of a scramble this one… but had fun listening to the song and picking out the parts I liked. All done on the MPC Live mk2… only software intervention was to load Fission so I could just cut the track to length and do a quick fade out. I promise 😀 This timeContinue reading “Track – MPCBB289 – Long Way to Go”

Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is FREE right now and on sale through August 30th

I know I haven’t usually posted plugins or anything… and maybe I should… but sometimes a deal is a deal. Just happened to see this when logging into the Propellerheads site and stumbled upon the shop to see that the Waves H-Comp plugin is currently free at on sale for $49 through August 30th… andContinue reading “Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor is FREE right now and on sale through August 30th”

Electro Funk – Robot Love

This track has been a bit of a labor of love… haha. I decided to jump into the next challenge for Electro Funk, and was listening to a lot of tracks from the era. If you want to check out the main post on MPC Forums for the Electro Funk Challenge, well go on overContinue reading “Electro Funk – Robot Love”

Electro Funk Challenge Key Groups

As part of the Electric Funk Challenge over on the MPC Forums I ended up with a bunch of extra key groups and a drum kit that I didn’t end up using. Well I used it for the original track that I put together, but nothing made it onto the finished track. Here’s the inContinue reading “Electro Funk Challenge Key Groups”