Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever

This track comes courtesy of STBB Forever BB #695, there were two tracks to chop up. The rules were effectively to chop whatever, use your own drums, no external instruments, and you needed to drop a change up in the track. I’m interested to see what others do this week. Similar to the MPC BBContinue reading “Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever”

Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama

This picture comes courtesy of Photoshop Camera on the iPhone with one of the goofy filters. I was out RV’ing with my family and my parents for a couple of days over the weekend… which held me up from having time to pull together more of a track. I was split on the track thisContinue reading “Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama”

Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC

Here are some explanation I gave over at MPC Forums to help explain how an MPC works if you’re coming from and Ableton Live environment. I came from Ableton myself… and it’s a much different environment. The main things to get your head wrapped around on the MPC is sampling and sample management, programs (drumsContinue reading “Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC”

Audio Book Vocal Processing

My sister has released the book SOMNIUM Beyond the Darkness on Amazon as a kindle book and as a paperback book, which is an excellent read for young adults and adults alike. She’s been looking to expand out into the audio book space, which makes sense to me! She had been looking into some voiceContinue reading “Audio Book Vocal Processing”

Track – STBB Forever BB 693

Well I rushed my MPC Forums beat battle submission, and ended up deciding to post a track to STBB Forever this time. Not sure that I’ll dive deep into the STBB community and beat battles or not, but it’s fun to find some other communities and see what may or may not stick with you.Continue reading “Track – STBB Forever BB 693”

Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary

Boy, I thought I had posted this track a while ago… heck I made it nearly a year ago, but here it is. I put this track together in about an hour, and it was recorded on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 in conjunction with a Bastl Instruments Micro Granny. I spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary”

Akai MPC Live mk2 / One CV outs

If you’re like me, and looking to integrate CV output from your MPC so that you can track out gate and CV to devices that will take CV input, you’ll find a difference from the MPC X to the MPC Live mk2 / One. On the MPC X, it has eight discrete CV output jacks,Continue reading “Akai MPC Live mk2 / One CV outs”