2020-08-25 News – Sticky Situations

Startups tap a new talent pool: Pandemic-weary college students I’m just going to lead with this thought: college students, please continue to get your degrees! I used to manage a team of roughly fifty employees, and I had plenty of college students and interns. We would frequently extend internships, and occasionally bring interns on asContinue reading “2020-08-25 News – Sticky Situations”

2020-08-24 – The Big Melt

Articles and videos that hit my feed and some thoughts on them. Just my opinions… take it or leave it 🙂 Apple apologizes to WordPress, no longer requires free app to add purchases When I read last week that Apple was removing the WordPress app from the Apple store I thought things were getting aContinue reading “2020-08-24 – The Big Melt”