Mixed Media on Hobonichi Tomo River Paper

Since I have my travel water color kit sitting on my desk, and I ended up doodling a bit during some meetings, I figured I’d do a little mixed media and see how well the paper would handle it. To start, I just did a pretty simple design sketch with a mechanical pencil (a KuruContinue reading “Mixed Media on Hobonichi Tomo River Paper”

Watercolor on Hobonichi Tomo River Paper

While I have been waiting on 2021 to roll around, I’ve been taking notes and doodling in my Hobonichi Notebook. Today I figured I’d give a try to see how the paper would react to water color. Anybody who’s tried to do water color on non watercolor paper (or even with water color paper) knowsContinue reading “Watercolor on Hobonichi Tomo River Paper”