Listening to Podcasts – Apple Podcasts vs Overcast

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a number of years now in the iOS environment. I keep going back to Apple Podcasts every major release or new hardware deployment, but it just never sticks for me. The feature set is absolutely fine as it is, and if there were no other options I would probablyContinue reading “Listening to Podcasts – Apple Podcasts vs Overcast”

OS X Multi Messaging Client

It seems like the more teams I work with, the more friends and family I have, the more messaging clients I need to work with. Over the years I have been on many services including iMessage, ICQ, AOL Messenger, Google Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, IRC, Slack, and many more. There are in fact so many messagingContinue reading “OS X Multi Messaging Client”

OS X Catalina – Music Automatically Opening Files Downloaded from Safari

TL;DR go to Safari -> Perferences -> General, and uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading to disable automatic opening of files downloaded by Safari. A problem I’ve had with downloading content in OS X has been that a lot of files will automatically open once you’ve downloaded them. For compressed files, it will uncompress them,Continue reading “OS X Catalina – Music Automatically Opening Files Downloaded from Safari”