MPC 500 on Reverb

Well my first statement here is, if it says Non-Functioning… be prepared for the device to not function :D. I was interested in getting a repair project underway, and see if I could breath some new life into a busted device, and while I thought this was going to be a case of soldering work… well check this out… while I am pretty sure it is worth what I paid for it in parts, well I’m just saddened to see how beat up this really is.

The metal frame is bent, and the PC board is all broken to hell. While the device does power on, it is completely unusable in this current state. No problem I thought, I could go off to MPC Stuff and pick up a new board, and I ordered one yesterday. Unfortunately they wrote back that this is not the case, while the system let me order the Q-Link and volume/record knob board, they just wrote to inform me that they are all out of stock. Bummer.

So no board, and I’m not really interested in buying *another* MPC 500, as I’m not too interested in scrounging for parts. This leaves me with the decision, do I try and repair this, or do I just sell it for parts and move on? Not one to back down this early from a challenge, I think I’m going to take a stab at repairing it. I’ll post a “hey anybody have a spare board” on MPC Forums, and I’m also going to look into seeing if I can super glue the board together. This will likely require some soldering work to repair the traces or bypass the traces… but it is all for the sake of learning something new right?

Anyway, if somebody out there sees this and has some thoughts, feel free to reach out. I’d appreciate any advice I can get, thanks!

OS X Catalina – Music Automatically Opening Files Downloaded from Safari

TL;DR go to Safari -> Perferences -> General, and uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading to disable automatic opening of files downloaded by Safari.

A problem I’ve had with downloading content in OS X has been that a lot of files will automatically open once you’ve downloaded them. For compressed files, it will uncompress them, for PDFs it will automatically open them into Preview, and for audio files it will automatically start playing them in Music. For the compressed files, PDFs and others, I’m often not downloading enough of them to be too upset by this feature, but when I am downloading stems, one shots, or other audio content, I don’t always want it automatically imported into Music.

I spent some time digging through the Music app preferences to see if I can find a way to disable this behavior. I had wrongly assumed that it was the Music app that was automatically importing content. After some searches around the web I found this video that describes how to disable this behavior.

To properly resolve this issue go to Safari -> Perferences -> General, and uncheck Open “safe” files after downloading.

Unfortunately this feature does not have granular control over different file types. If you like this feature, but specifically don’t like it for audio files, I suspect you’ll have to disassociate the audio files from specific applications. Personally I’m okay with loosing the automatic opening of PDF files as that has been a hassle in the past, but uncompressing content has been a handy feature.


So reality is starting to set in as I try and consider all of the content I have ever created, and where the heck it is. Servers are gone, my network addressable storage (NAS) won’t mount on my computer. I have a bit of a road in front of me to recover my digital life again. I am not giving up already, but it looks like I may have to face some harsh realities about the time investment I need to put in so I can accomplish what I set out to do.

Deep breaths, and just take notes of what needs to be done.

  • Links to message boards, social media, etc…
  • Upload music albums
  • Upload photo albums
  • Curate through old sample libraries
  • Figure out what to do with tutorial videos
  • Replace all the generic artwork… my goodness is it ever present.

All that, while working on building out a plan to move forward. No buggy.