Stay tuned here… I’m not sure if I end up working through soundcloud or band camp at this time… but I’m going to get all my albums and experiments to date posted someplace.

Out From No Where

Putting this together has been a lot of fun, just getting back into making music. I’ve been playing around a lot, but the last nine (yeah nine) years has been taken up primarily with work, family, school. I wrapped up school last year and built out a unrealistically large Eurorack setup… and then promptly just played around for a year without actually making much of any music.

Since then, I’ve devoted time to selling off old gear I don’t use any more, and really figuring out what I did and did not want to have in my setup. Good news, it was great timing with the pandemic and all to help get focus again. Bad news, well there’s still a pandemic.

Aboriginal Dream

This is my first album I completed after a long time learning my way around Acid DJ and a Triton Studio. While embarrassing to look back on now in some ways, I really cut my teeth on learning both hardware and software, and it gave me a great appreciation for looping, sampling, and structure songs. Looking back on this music now, I am so far away from it, but it still gives me a smile to think about how much joy learning music was for me.

Eclectic Electronica

My second album. I’m embarrassed for myself. Please use this pain to make yourself feel better about your first few tracks.

A Passing of Time

Gosh, this was my third album already? This is where I think I was able to take my first steps into thinking about music in a more comprehensive way. Nothing here is still all that complicated or technical, but I was definitely learning.

Embrace Your Roots

Album number four, and I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s just been such a long time. My problems with this are twofold, one it heavily used a lot of VSTs for instruments and effects, and I never wrote out stems so I don’t think I could recover this in a meaningful way to reproduce without an insane amount of work. Remember kids, track out your stems!

This is House Music

This was more of a short project to just put out a couple songs, something to be DJ ready.


This album was a collaboration with a close friend that stretched out from catching back up after college, and ended just around the time my daughter was turning two. I’ll have to come up with more specific dates later, but I peg this project as completing roughly around 2009. We were quite inspired by the anime Lain at the time, and really drove into the weird and electronic side of the music. One of these days we might get back into making music again, but things have changed dramatically in life for both of us over the years.

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