Let’s Go

Okay forehead. Yes it is mine… some picture of me with sunglasses, and probably thinking about how cool I am.

Kind of basic, and maybe a little too stripped down, and yet I got something together. I guess I’m just not feeling it really. A lot is going on and I’m not sure if I am going to finish the month off or not. Deal with it? I am dealing with it, but a track a day, plus family, plus a full-time job… it’s a lot sometimes. Especially when you don’t get started until the end of the day to make a track.

One Too Many

Yeah, a dead spider in a glass. I think I used the picture before… so sue me 😀

Another stab at the LoFi sound, this one has a bit too much going on, but I do like the worn out sound, and had fun going different places in the different sections. Another one that feels like a pretty good stab at moving more towards a finished track than I have been in the past.

So Small

The picture is of some wrapping paper I think… boy I forget what I took it from.

As for the track, wanted to try a dark LoFi kind of sound, and I kind of like what I nailed here, but the mix is too low, and it really needs some mastering to kick it into gear. Feels like something that’s near where I’d want a completed track to be though, so I dig it 😀

Long Stretch

The picture is from a bill that my dog ate. I’m pretty sure I know the one. I’ve taped the bill back together, so it ought to be legal tender, but it just looked like something worth using for a track image.

I had a ton of fun working on grooving with this track, and I think it’s on the list of something I really need to get back on and turn it into something to finish as a track. I feel like I’ve got some work in front of me to get all these things moving 😀

I Just Wanna

So… I just scribbled this down in a notebook to get the picture… nothing fancy, but I needed some kind of artwork and had no other idea what to do. Seems kinda cool though.

For the track itself, I wanted to spend some more time putting together the track, so there’s a bit more elements going on and it feels like a bit more complete of an idea to me at least. The Vox is okay… I suppose I should’ve taken out the high end synth… and just recorded my own vocals. Next time I do a month of tracks, probably need to force myself to do my own vocals and see where I go.

Another Snowy Day

I literally cannot believe that it snowed today. But then again, welcome to New England baby… the snow didn’t last that long, but we got probably 4-5 inches. Enough to notice and stick around.

Just wanted to make something chill for the day, so it’s nothing too crazy, but just kind of a laid back vibe. I mean yeah… we’ve probably got the last day of snow for the season… better relax and enjoy it!