Beatober2021 #07 – Stand Up

So uhm… apparently I forgot how to operate my gear… clearly what happens when I take a break for a single day and use the pocket operators

For this track I disconnected the entire hot mess from a couple days ago… and just really went to focus on basics. I decided I wanted to try recording in a few chords into the Morphagene and then using Pam’s New Workout on a random LFO to send a change to which splice was selected… and it works pretty nicely except for one problem. The Morphagene doesn’t switch to the next sound until partway through playing… so either I need to work out clocking issues, or change config.txt settings or… something. It works fine for this track more or less, but required some playing around and bumbling around to get some rhythm that sounded like it could work with it.

Beatober2021 #06 – Something

And now for something completely different.

Today I just decided to do what I could with the pocket operators I have on hand… PO-32, PO-33, PO-35… and see what would come from it. I’ll definitely get back to the MPC Live and Eurorack, but just needed a change of pace for a bit. Probably will do another PO track or two for the time being and go for something a bit longer, I suspect.

Beatober2021 #05 – Round the Bend

Yeah… not really sure what to make of this… other than way too many patch cables… it’s a serious mess. I don’t really know what I have done any more.

The image is just my work pc… with a mysterious rocket flying into it? I don’t know… I hardly could muster the energy to pull this together. Guess it’s just one of those brained out lame tracks… that I couldn’t really figure out what to do with it… and everything I did made it worse. Good thing it was maybe 20 minutes of time invested, instead of a lot of work that would make me sad.

Still… here’s the strange patching mess. I don’t even know how to describe it other than I just patched a ton of stuff into other stuff… and the process was fun… but it’s just weird and scary now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a beat while deconstructing the patch? It could be one last hurrah for this patching upon patching upon patching mess before I move it to greener pastures :D. Below is what this hot mess looks like if you don’t watch the YouTube video.

so… yeah… I cannot control this beast anymore, and definitely need to start fresh!

Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam

We all gotta struggle…

Alright putting this track together was a pain… I had too many different elements going on, and out of the *nine* recording attempts… only one was halfway decent. My biggest problem is that about a third of what I put together just didn’t mesh with the other parts of the track. I’d keep recording and trying to decide which way to go with it, but it just wasn’t happening. The synth lines didn’t gel, the Lofi arps didn’t gel, it just didn’t want to come together.

At any rate, I did a total of nine takes, and just rapid fired through them to see what felt the best. I’m not super happy with what I kicked out, but at least I gave it the old elbow grease… because between you and me, the original bass was just not working.

I definitely put the overall problem into the category of being too precious of a specific component of a song that I worked on, well a few. By themselves they were interesting, but everything else going on in the track wasn’t really going to support it. It took a bit of personal acknowledgement that this wasn’t going to be, and to either consider using the other components in the future, or just let it go and move on. For the moment I have moved on.

As far as changes, I tried to incorporate some more Mimeophon, but on the other hand it’s kind of there, but didn’t end up getting brought in quite as much as I had planned. I definitely had some earlier takes that used it heavily, but as I gave it different tries, mix levels and such started to change how I was approaching using Mimeophon. So, not so much this time. I also lightened up quite a bit on the Data Bender effects as well, just so it wasn’t such a glitch heavy creation this time.

Beatober2021 Jam #03 – Rizzo Rizzo


For this track I built it up off of 16 clips from an expansion, made sure to use each one… and then did a track explode on the MPC, set the pads 1-8 to output to 5/6 (and thus on the bottom chain of FX of the eurorack), and set pads 9-16 to output to 3/4 (the top chain of FX of the eurorack).

Mostly me just using track mutes from here, and then turning knobs on the eurorack to jam out, cut up, glitch, and otherwise morph and destroy the various elements of the track that are playing. A few places feel like they didn’t quite work, but hey… gotta try right?!

Beatober2021 #01 – Up Close

Alright, it’s Beatober and time to try and focus a bit more on beats again. Just trying to kick the tires on a stringing a single song together between the Eurorack and Akai MPC Live mk2.

The picture is just from my dog being sleepy on the chair beside me. Felt like a good chill out song and she’s not chilling out much more than this.

As far as putting this all together… I’ve been slowly building out the rack patch, and I setup the Akai MPC outputs 3/4 as the drums going through the top of the rack, and outputs 5/6 for the piano and bass on the bottom of the rack. This is then all going into the ST Mix for mixing a somewhat clean signal together with a copied and glitched out signal. There’s a lot of knobs to be trying to keep in mind while also muting and unmuting parts, so I probably just need to work out my process a bit more consciously to keep it all in my head.

For this particular track I didn’t setup any gates from the MPC to time anything with the eurorack, so there’s actually no clock going on. I figured it might make for some more glitches from the various modules that might be interesting on their own.

Overall, for what the track is, it’s honestly made from components that I’d probably make a 45-90 second track at best, it’s just a bunch of four bar loops, that by themselves aren’t doing a whole lot and are only seeming to get more interesting once running them through some FX. Note to self, I’ll want to consider automation for the effects to see what I want to actually record, and honestly, I probably should be thinking to record the outputs a bit better as well so that if I ever wanted to mix a track out in the DAW further I could. As it stands, I kind of get what I get for a performance, which as a charm to it, but I’m not sure there’s a lot of people interested in this style either… maybe for playing something out live, but I don’t know so much about for a more professional kind of recording.

Who am I kidding, nobody is listening to much of this stuff anyways!

#jamtember2021 Jam Session – Slick Fool

Last track/jam for the month… going to see what I can put together for beatober next 😀

Last time messing around for the month, and wanted to fix up a few things on my patching. For this, I ended up just doing two different track ideas and routing one track through 3/4 of the MPC, and the second track through 5/6 of the MPC. This then went into both the Morphagenes, mostly because it was already hooked up this way. In fact, I tried to mostly use what I’ve been building up for a patch over the last two days, but I did straighten out my mixer to have the ST Mix have 1) Track 1 FX chain A 2) Track 1 FX chain B 3) Track 2 FX chain A 4) Track 2 FX chain B. This helped me keep some sanity for which ST Mix knobs were controlling which parts of the sound.

I also did add to the signal chain for track 1 the Sqwk Dirty so I could do some HP/LP filtering of the track, and I had intended to do this for track 2 as well, but honestly, I forgot, and then got into messing with the track and wasn’t able to do it. Bummer, but, I figured I’d make do and see what I could come up with.

Also… hit over 300 tracks on soundcloud… holy smokes!