Track – Learning to Exhale

Honestly, this was my excuse to play with the Strymon Starlight and not make a beat… I still have time for a beat though 😀

So the patch is *relatively* simple… it’s mostly 0chd LFOs running around to just give some movement to the patch, and a DPO running into an RxMx/Optimix so I can ping it, then into a Magneto for some delay, and then into the Starlight for the final pad/wash effect that comes in and goes out. There is a Marbles that is clocked by a Tempi, and the output of the Marbles is being quantized by Harmonaig to generate the pitch on the DPO. The RxMx has the LFOs coming into it to move which oscillator and how much width is being selected. Not much beyond that going on.

I’m going to have to try recording again with this setup, because clearly somewhere between the Zoom H6 and the iPhone something is making me nutty… there were *definitely* no clicks or pops in my headphones that were coming out of the headphone output from the H6. What the hell?!

Track – Starlight By The Beach

I did a thing

Well the track didn’t use the eurorack for much, but I did a bit of processing through it before recording a bunch of audio into the SPs, then chopping that content up on the MPC to actually play it. Given all the noise it became a bit of a hassle to prepare all of the samples on the MPC because it just couldn’t find the start/end with threshold very well, but it felt like it was worth the effort.

Track – Influence

Just a somewhat simple lunch break track…

This track was so many takes to get to this somewhat still janky state. At least fifteen, and the worst is that I hadn’t setup the input/recorder properly to actually capture any takes. I had a good one or two in there, and then realized I was recording off of the microphone and not off of the Zoom H6 inputs. Doh!!!

I was also fighting with some CV outputs from the MPC to gates into the Pam’s… because… and I’m rolling my eyes at myself, I had not recorded off the triggers at all. So it was constantly loosing sync, the resets were doing what I wanted, but well… I’m sure you can get the idea. I really need to create a template for my setup so that I don’t have to keep remembering all this twiddly bits that can cause me a problem.

Custom YouTube Channel Name

Well… I hit 100 subscribers, which feels like an accomplishment… hah.

Yep, that’s it, instead of the long string of random numbers and letters that once defined me, I now have a vanity URL. So… special.

The funny thing is that I can see in the analytics it’s not any of the music videos I am doing that are drawing people, it’s all the tutorials, of which I don’t think I have done any since June or July. Should I do more? I’ll have to think about it I suppose.

Track – A City At Peace

Had a long day, day off for my daughter, and some arguments. She’s not happy that I wouldn’t pay for her to eat at Starbucks, and I’m not happy to be treated as a piggy bank. So put this together to just decompress and relax a bit.

So just used the same setup/patch in the eurorack as yesterday, but I did leave the guitar track (on accident) going straight to the outputs. Honestly, it was probably the right choice, but well… it is what it is 😀