Eat My Homework

Took my family to Boston, left the dogs home. Came back to the dogs having eaten up my notebook. Like WTF… we were an hour late from your usual feeding time, was it necessary to eat up my Hobonichi? Fortunately they didn’t eat up any important notes, but I’m not sure Tomo River paper is good for their digestive system.

At any rate… it’s the end of the month, not really sure what this track is, but it’s in the *shrug* whatever… it is the end of the month, and I ran out of time for the day to really pull something together. Guess I need to live with my failure.

Follow Me

The picture is from my daughter walking away from me going to the mall.

My wrist is still really sore. Talked to the nurse, they can get me in to see me in about a week. Said to try some Ibuprofen in the meantime.

I don’t think hitting the pads is causing me problems, this is similar to some issues I’ve had in the past, but far more extreme. Not really sure, but stretching seems to help. Also trying to avoid typing quite so much for work. Wish me luck!


Still sucks hitting the pads, but I’m trying to take a bit more mind of hitting the pads. I want to finish off the month and not have too much “junk”.

I probably spent more time than I should have, and it didn’t help my right wrist much, but I’m really trying to figure out where the pain is, and if it is more from typing, sitting at a desk, hitting stuff, or what. I’m not sure if I have CTS or something, but the palm of my hand is sore, and I didn’t mention before but my right index finger is now cold. That started about a week ago, the coldness, and I didn’t think anything about it.

Off to stretching my wrists more to see if it helps, it hurts a lot, but I’m hoping it’s just a circulation issue that I can fix. Gonna call the Dr though to see what in the world is going on.

Laying Back

Another picture of the 3 string my dad made for me.

Still not in great shape wrist wise, hitting the pads sucks, but I wanted to pull something out, and at least I’m happy enough with it. Just tried to keep it super simple and not worry about it, so I can worry about myself. Going to try and end out the month, but need to take care of myself as well.

Let’s Go

Okay forehead. Yes it is mine… some picture of me with sunglasses, and probably thinking about how cool I am.

Kind of basic, and maybe a little too stripped down, and yet I got something together. I guess I’m just not feeling it really. A lot is going on and I’m not sure if I am going to finish the month off or not. Deal with it? I am dealing with it, but a track a day, plus family, plus a full-time job… it’s a lot sometimes. Especially when you don’t get started until the end of the day to make a track.

One Too Many

Yeah, a dead spider in a glass. I think I used the picture before… so sue me 😀

Another stab at the LoFi sound, this one has a bit too much going on, but I do like the worn out sound, and had fun going different places in the different sections. Another one that feels like a pretty good stab at moving more towards a finished track than I have been in the past.