Custom YouTube Channel Name

Well… I hit 100 subscribers, which feels like an accomplishment… hah.

Yep, that’s it, instead of the long string of random numbers and letters that once defined me, I now have a vanity URL. So… special.

The funny thing is that I can see in the analytics it’s not any of the music videos I am doing that are drawing people, it’s all the tutorials, of which I don’t think I have done any since June or July. Should I do more? I’ll have to think about it I suppose.

Track – A City At Peace

Had a long day, day off for my daughter, and some arguments. She’s not happy that I wouldn’t pay for her to eat at Starbucks, and I’m not happy to be treated as a piggy bank. So put this together to just decompress and relax a bit.

So just used the same setup/patch in the eurorack as yesterday, but I did leave the guitar track (on accident) going straight to the outputs. Honestly, it was probably the right choice, but well… it is what it is 😀

Track – The Streets Watch Back

Been trying to work out some issues, and make tracks louder.

This track I tried to push into using the morphagene for a bit of ambient noise to bring in and out to an okay effect. Probably something that is better to automate with an envelope so have it swell in over time, but that’ll mean considering a rewatching of how everything is setup, which I suppose I am due for anyways, since over the last month I have had some grumbles about how some of the gates, attenuators, and other things have been configured. I can effectively get 4 discrete signal paths out to the Befaco STMix, and so far I’ve tried applying a path like MPC Live -> Morphagene -> Sqwak Dirty -> Mimeophon -> Data Bender -> STMix, and while this works, it has left Beads out, which I’ve then added in by peeling off the signal from Sqwak Dirty -> Beads -> STMix. There is some value in having two discrete paths for the same voice, but I think I need to consider what I’m trying to get, and which types of sounds or effects make the most sense.

Beatober2021 #31 – Project Morpheus

Based on feedback, tried to make this track much louder, and maybe got a little too carried away. Now I think it has pushed into a bit too crunchy and toasty territory. I probably should not have been driving the STMix so hard :/.

The bass line is only 2 bars long and absolutely needs some variations to move it around, or something to tie off every 4 or 8 bars… just something different. Ah well, this was fun and definitely deserves a second try at thinking about how to drive all the content through the eurorack anyways, and might be something to expand on some more to build out into a set.

A few notes for my future self: Decide if you really want to play such a dangerous game with levels… this was for sure toasty, also the beads stuff was cool, but kind of dangerous how it is setup and makes for some rather sour notes from time to time, using the hats as the trigger for the envelope to gate the instrument line is cool but it also doesn’t leave much room when the hats are muted then all of the instruments are muted.

Happy to wrap up the end of the month pushing myself in a few more directions with the eurorack setup, but definitely time to think about how I might optimize some of my workflows. The last two weeks of buckling down to get back to a bit more of a theme and drive more through the eurorack has been fun to. I’ve got a bunch of notes that I need to take down and use to refine the setup for sure.

Beatober2021 #29 – Air Pollution

A day track this time…

Recorded off some samples onto the SP-202, slowed them down, and tried to get a bit of the LoFi 1 crunch to get a bit into the Vaporwave space, but this is definitely not 80’s inspired or reminiscent… so I guess it is something else.

Resampled the loops back into the MPC so I could line them up better and get everything into sync, then added drums. There’s a touch of Mimeophon on the instruments, and the Instruments/Bass/Drums are getting some Data Bender treatment. I suspect the Bass being so dang low is a mixing problem… especially since I didn’t take the time to mix the track. Oops… will save it off and see if it is a track to come back to in the future to refine.

Beatober2021 #28 – When the Mirror Looks Back

Scurried off and used loop mode to record me noodling around on the Triton Studio until I found something that felt decent. I ended up unplugging a bunch of patch cables because there was some CV in place that was messing with me, so ended up with about 10 different but similar recordings, but had a lot of accidental drops and other problems. Was trying to hit something a bit more fun and wacky for today… and I guess I got there

If you watch the video, you’ll see I didn’t even unmute half of the tracks, this is because I had a bunch of midi tracks with data off to the Triton Studio, but I recorded loops and then added them to drum programs to trigger them. Super duper low effort, and probably not as clever as I could have gotten, but I was just trying to move along. I wanted to use the midi tracks just so I could work my way through a few voices to see what might work, and in the process found that some of the knobs on my Triton are stiff as heck… probably need some Deoxit to clean them up, but I’m not about to dig in there at this time. A task for another day for sure.

Beatober2021 #27.1 – Internet Etiquette & #27.2 – Everyday Carry

Just trying to see how much I could squeeze a track down… with four tracks and pushing the Mimeophon and Data Bender harder than I usually do… got some interesting results for sure.

Wasn’t exactly excited by what came out for the first track so decided to give it another try and see what I could do with the 20 minutes before I have to go pick up my daughter… like this a bit more 😀