Track – I Really Don’t Mind

This track I threw together for the MPC Forums Beat Battle #293. It’s still open if you wanted to check it out and post up your own take. The sample to flip this time around is Brenton Wood “Trouble”. Honestly, I just loaded the track into the MPC Live, set it to chop on transientsContinue reading “Track – I Really Don’t Mind”

Track – STBB703 – Greatest Destiny

This track… well the rule was to use the sample… and do something outside your comfort zone. I rarely put any kind of silence in my track, so I wanted to force myself to have breaks throughout the song, but have it sound as natural as possible. Most of the track was put together onContinue reading “Track – STBB703 – Greatest Destiny”

Electro Funk – Robot Love

This track has been a bit of a labor of love… haha. I decided to jump into the next challenge for Electro Funk, and was listening to a lot of tracks from the era. If you want to check out the main post on MPC Forums for the Electro Funk Challenge, well go on overContinue reading “Electro Funk – Robot Love”

Track – STBB #697 – Good ‘ol Claude

This week’s challenge on STBB Forever is #697 – Claude Debussy. Rules were pretty open, go find your own Claude sounds. I ended up listening to a *lot* of this Youtube track I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but I did consume a lot of it. There is a lot of great music inContinue reading “Track – STBB #697 – Good ‘ol Claude”

Track – On the Road

This is a track I have been working on for about a week on the PO-33. All the sampling and mixing was done within the little box. I continue to like this little device because it really forces you to think about a potentially crippling amount of sampling time and a very real four noteContinue reading “Track – On the Road”

Track – STBB #696 – Disco Gummy

For this week, the drop was what… 300+ clips. The rules were to use at least three, and you had to put product placement in your track of at least five seconds. For the STBB Beat Battle #696 Funky-Disco-Trip I tore threw a bunch of loops that I found interesting to work with, and decidedContinue reading “Track – STBB #696 – Disco Gummy”

Audio Book Vocal Processing Pt. 2

Well I just (hopefully) wrapped up the audio processing for my sister’s book. Since the last post, I probably could have done three other posts about the series of events that happened. Suffice it to say that there are some competing formats, tools, and audiobook sites that aren’t exactly in alignment. So… I had gottenContinue reading “Audio Book Vocal Processing Pt. 2”

Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC

Here are some explanation I gave over at MPC Forums to help explain how an MPC works if you’re coming from and Ableton Live environment. I came from Ableton myself… and it’s a much different environment. The main things to get your head wrapped around on the MPC is sampling and sample management, programs (drumsContinue reading “Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC”