Track – Isolation

Not sure why, but this feels like it is in the space of the ‘peak sound’ I’ve been working towards with this setup. Still a bit noisy and still a bit awkward to control sometimes, but hands on, a bit glitchy, and something that can sustain momentum. The track started the day as something happier,Continue reading “Track – Isolation”

MPC Forums Beat Battle #321 – How You Flop

First, shout out to MPC Forums, and check out the Beat Battle #321 thread if you want to see what others are up to at I guess this track was about 90 minutes to put together? A lot of the time was spent chopping, and then finding different lines. I gave a stab atContinue reading “MPC Forums Beat Battle #321 – How You Flop”

Music Studio Audio Setup – Zoom H6 Issues and How I Addressed Them

I’ve been working on trying to figure out where I am having issues with my audio setup, to try and get a hotter signal in my video recordings. So I drew up a rough sketch to see if I could get some notes on what the issue might be and go from there… The longContinue reading “Music Studio Audio Setup – Zoom H6 Issues and How I Addressed Them”

Track – Starlight By The Beach

I did a thing Well the track didn’t use the eurorack for much, but I did a bit of processing through it before recording a bunch of audio into the SPs, then chopping that content up on the MPC to actually play it. Given all the noise it became a bit of a hassle toContinue reading “Track – Starlight By The Beach”

Track – Influence

Just a somewhat simple lunch break track… This track was so many takes to get to this somewhat still janky state. At least fifteen, and the worst is that I hadn’t setup the input/recorder properly to actually capture any takes. I had a good one or two in there, and then realized I was recordingContinue reading “Track – Influence”

Track – A City At Peace

Had a long day, day off for my daughter, and some arguments. She’s not happy that I wouldn’t pay for her to eat at Starbucks, and I’m not happy to be treated as a piggy bank. So put this together to just decompress and relax a bit. So just used the same setup/patch in theContinue reading “Track – A City At Peace”