Jammin Interpolation – Funked Up

I’ll kick off first and foremost, this entire track was done on the MPC Live mk2.  Not for any particular reason, but I started there, and just kept going.  Being able to unplug the device while taking my daughter out to ballet, horseback riding, waiting for my wife to finish shopping… whatever it was, wasContinue reading “Jammin Interpolation – Funked Up”

My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)

My first MPC was the Akai MPC 1k Black. I really cut my teeth on this MPC over the years, and with JJOS it really made the MPC 1k shine. Life was pretty simple, but it had been given an amazing workflow for chopping, sampling, and writing music. I bought it back when the blackContinue reading “My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)”

MPCBB 286 – Runnin Outta Time

So I won last week’s Beat Battle and got to pick the rules and the sample. The sample I went for is Miles Davis – So What. The rules I went for were any external sounds allowed, but you have to sample whatever you want to add from a microphone. No mic simulations allowed. There’sContinue reading “MPCBB 286 – Runnin Outta Time”

Track – STBB 698 – Security Blanket

As I said in the previous post, this track had to come together quite quickly… and this is maybe at best an hour worth of work. I scrambled to get it together and then added some decorative vocals and a baseline to boot. In all seriousness this track is a bit over compressed, you canContinue reading “Track – STBB 698 – Security Blanket”

Track – MPCBB 285 – Hard Found Peace

Alrighty then! So for this track, I started it and finished it in about 30 minutes. I just didn’t have much time to hit the deadline yesterday… and figured I’d just cut to the chase for the throw down. To pull this together I just grabbed a four bar section that I liked the soundContinue reading “Track – MPCBB 285 – Hard Found Peace”

Track – Chest Pain

This track came together pretty quickly. Maybe two hours of goofing around on the MPC Live mk2 at most. The core of it started with me patching on my modular system, and seeing what tones I could create, and then sync’ing that to the MPC Live mk2 over CV… well technically gate signals. You canContinue reading “Track – Chest Pain”

Track – On the Road

This is a track I have been working on for about a week on the PO-33. All the sampling and mixing was done within the little box. I continue to like this little device because it really forces you to think about a potentially crippling amount of sampling time and a very real four noteContinue reading “Track – On the Road”

Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama

This picture comes courtesy of Photoshop Camera on the iPhone with one of the goofy filters. I was out RV’ing with my family and my parents for a couple of days over the weekend… which held me up from having time to pull together more of a track. I was split on the track thisContinue reading “Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama”