Akai MPC Live/X/One Bluetooth Midi and iPad Synth

I figured I’d do a quick video to build on my last post Akai MPC Live/X/One Bluetooth MIDI With an iPad where I had describe how to get a Bluetooth MIDI connection working. In this post I will cover how to quickly get audio out of your iPad into your MPC, and get the MIDIContinue reading “Akai MPC Live/X/One Bluetooth Midi and iPad Synth”

Akai MPC Live/X/One Plugin Track Velocity Test

Based on the above MPC Forums topic BUG ON MPC 2.9? PLUGIN TRACK LEVEL EFFECTS PROGRAM LEVEL I created a test project to see if I could reproduce the issue below. In essence, the poster was stating that when they change the velocity setting on the track level for a plugin, that it was impactingContinue reading “Akai MPC Live/X/One Plugin Track Velocity Test”