My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)

My first MPC was the Akai MPC 1k Black. I really cut my teeth on this MPC over the years, and with JJOS it really made the MPC 1k shine. Life was pretty simple, but it had been given an amazing workflow for chopping, sampling, and writing music. I bought it back when the blackContinue reading “My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)”

Track – MPC Forums BB 279

I have been trying to get back into flipping samples again lately, and done a few other beat battles. Maybe I’ll post them. If you’re interested in seeing some of the discussion and submissions check out the MPC Forums BB 279 Thread. There’s definitely a lot of good content there, and some really great flips.Continue reading “Track – MPC Forums BB 279”

LoFi Buttery Piano – Akai MPC X Program

Let me start by explaining the patch a bit, and how I got here… Life started off on the Akai S950, using piano multi samples from G1 through C4, every sixth note… My goal was to get some of that S950 12-bit grit and artifacts, but still keep it relatively free of the crazy stretchingContinue reading “LoFi Buttery Piano – Akai MPC X Program”

Insert Original Song Title Here

This is just messing around with the Akai MPC X, I tapped out a beat using the Rawcutz sample pack, and for those that care the sound kit is “HipHop-Kit-RC Ace Kit 95.xmp”. Yeah yeah… I usually do my own chopping and sampling… but I was more interested in just putting something together quick andContinue reading “Insert Original Song Title Here”