MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 2

I spent some more time last night recording off of the Akai S950… and I can tell you I continue to really dig the low end sound. Before digging in a bit, here is the link: Similar to a few days ago, this is MPC X/Live/One formatted for the program file, but the samples areContinue reading “MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 2”

MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 1

I spent about six hours yesterday recording off samples from my Akai S950, and auto sampling them into my MPC Live mk2. Near the end I think I was starting to get cross eyed. Anyway, if you’re interested, I have posted the samples below, and then will get into the details after the break. ThisContinue reading “MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 1”

My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)

My first MPC was the Akai MPC 1k Black. I really cut my teeth on this MPC over the years, and with JJOS it really made the MPC 1k shine. Life was pretty simple, but it had been given an amazing workflow for chopping, sampling, and writing music. I bought it back when the blackContinue reading “My Akai MPC Journey (or Why I Sold my MPC X)”

Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC

Here are some explanation I gave over at MPC Forums to help explain how an MPC works if you’re coming from and Ableton Live environment. I came from Ableton myself… and it’s a much different environment. The main things to get your head wrapped around on the MPC is sampling and sample management, programs (drumsContinue reading “Moving from Ableton Live to an MPC”

Waking to Sunshine – Akai MPC X/Live Program

I’ve got a relatively small backlog of programs to upload, but it is a backlog none the less. As I said in the previous post, one of my dogs got super sick, and I haven’t gotten in the habit of having a lot of posts on standby to cover me when I get busy. Also,Continue reading “Waking to Sunshine – Akai MPC X/Live Program”

Moody Bass – Akai MPC 1000 Program

I have been getting back into using guitar pedals for external effects processing, and had some fun messing with the Chase Bliss Mood again. This started life as an Ableton Live clean Stratocaster patch that I put together, and played through the Mood. What I played initially sounded like an unaffected guitar, but with theContinue reading “Moody Bass – Akai MPC 1000 Program”

Old School Cinema for Akai MPC X/Live

The patch Old School Cinema started life on the Pocket Operator Tonic. I recorded the hits into the Akai S950 at 10khz, because I was afraid that some of the longer bass notes would exhaust the sample memory, and honestly I didn’t want to be chopping on the S950 for an hour. I was ableContinue reading “Old School Cinema for Akai MPC X/Live”

Akai S950 Tape Grand Piano for MPC X/Live

Here is my next patch for my MPC X Tape Grand Piano. I started with a multisample Grand Piano sampled into the Akai S950 at C/F note intervals. So samples a bit stretched, but it sounds pleasant enough, and certainly a bit more realistic than the strings a made recently. The patch was again routedContinue reading “Akai S950 Tape Grand Piano for MPC X/Live”