Akai VX90 Heart Akai S950 Samples n Programs

I was just testing a few things on the VX90/S950 combo setup and figured I would record off a few key groups to see how things were sounding. Below are the files if you’re interested in checking them out. I am pretty sure that Cherry Crush was the first key group that I recorded yesterdayContinue reading “Akai VX90 Heart Akai S950 Samples n Programs”

Configuring an Akai VX90 and Akai S950

I spent a few hours messing around with the configuration, and trying to get everything to work. It is not exactly straight forward, and I had to dig through a lot of old posts and try and understand what exactly different sources were trying to tell me. I found a few that indicated that itContinue reading “Configuring an Akai VX90 and Akai S950”

Akai VX 90 with Tauntek Custom Firmware LPF/Resonance Example

I kicked off a discussion over on MPC Forums Akai VX 90. There was some interest in the LPF/Resonance, so I figured I’d just do a quick video. Definitely doesn’t illustrate the entire scope of the resonance, but just to give a quick idea of it. This is just showing off the Tauntek Custom FirmwareContinue reading “Akai VX 90 with Tauntek Custom Firmware LPF/Resonance Example”

Akai VX 90 – Tauntek Firmware Upgrade

I’ve been looking off and on for an Akai VX 90, and finally found one. Probably paid too much, but wanted to hook one up to my Akai S950, so there will be that, once I get the cable in. I’ve spent the last couple of days just playing around with it, reading the manual,Continue reading “Akai VX 90 – Tauntek Firmware Upgrade”