MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 1

I spent about six hours yesterday recording off samples from my Akai S950, and auto sampling them into my MPC Live mk2. Near the end I think I was starting to get cross eyed. Anyway, if you’re interested, I have posted the samples below, and then will get into the details after the break. ThisContinue reading “MPC Samples – NT S950 Volume 1”

Music Notation – Dynamics & Akai Auto Sampler

Well over at the MPC Forums a user created a topic Tidy Keygroup Names and thought that there was a bug when they were auto sampling, as it was putting f/p/fm/pm into the names of the samples instead of actual velocity. I chuckled to myself, because this seems kind of strange to show up intoContinue reading “Music Notation – Dynamics & Akai Auto Sampler”