#jamtember2021 Track – Check Your Inbox

Just another quick one… really dug the time stretched loop and figured I’d drop another quick sketch. Really, just worked through sampling a few loops into the SP 202, then PITCH and FILTER 1 to taste, and then running it through the SP 303 for some extra flavor as usual. Hype came in for theContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Check Your Inbox”

#jamtember2021 Track – When The Wind Blows

I know, two tracks in one day… but I’m having too much fun making fake vaporwave tracks with the SPs, and my second power adaptor showed up so I’ve been able to hook back up the Boss SP-303 as well. This lead to making this song with both the 202 and 303. Magic. Another pictureContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – When The Wind Blows”

You just bought a Boss SP-202, what next?

Forum While GearSpace and ModWiggler both have some subforums with a bit of information on the Boss SP-202, the best place to find information is at sp-forums.com. There is a specific forum at SP-Forums that is dedicated to the Boss SP-202, and while it is pretty quiet, there is a lot of good information contained,Continue reading “You just bought a Boss SP-202, what next?”

#jamtember2021 Track – Sudden Grace

Just knocking something out fairly quickly over lunch for day. The picture is from years ago… Aruba I think? I’ll have to look it up and see if I can figure it out. To make the track, I did another fake 4 bar loop to turn into a vaporwave track. So quite similar process toContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Sudden Grace”

#jamtember2021 Track – Breakfast Lunch Dinner

I did some of the work yesterday for this track… just happened to have some extra time to kick it off. Then today… happened. A lot going on, but I really wanted to get some more going for the track by adding a few more sounds. The picture is from Hawaii, and I had gottenContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Breakfast Lunch Dinner”