Track – Isolation

Not sure why, but this feels like it is in the space of the ‘peak sound’ I’ve been working towards with this setup. Still a bit noisy and still a bit awkward to control sometimes, but hands on, a bit glitchy, and something that can sustain momentum. The track started the day as something happier,Continue reading “Track – Isolation”

Music Studio Audio Setup – Zoom H6 Issues and How I Addressed Them

I’ve been working on trying to figure out where I am having issues with my audio setup, to try and get a hotter signal in my video recordings. So I drew up a rough sketch to see if I could get some notes on what the issue might be and go from there… The longContinue reading “Music Studio Audio Setup – Zoom H6 Issues and How I Addressed Them”

Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends

Well… here it is for today The track gave me some problems. Mostly Total Recall… I just realized that it triggers or rather changes parameters on the down event of a clock or gate… and Pam’s was sending a gate for 50% of a beat, meaning that the change was happening on 1.3 instead ofContinue reading “Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends”

Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters

Yah… sometimes we just need to simplify! Could’ve made this into a longer track, but yeah… I think keeping it short and simple definitely kept it moving and interesting. At least I feel like I got more out of it than I would have otherwise trying to layer a ton of sounds in and thenContinue reading “Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters”

Beatober2021 #16 – Simple Life

Decided to keep it simple today… really simple. What all is going on? The picture comes from Neural Blender again… still having fun with this, I still need to buy some credits and go to town here. Even if the images are not necessarily directly useful, it’s definitely got some inspiring and striking looks toContinue reading “Beatober2021 #16 – Simple Life”

Beatober2021 #15 – Funk Your Style

Okay… today felt pretty good… but did like… five… maybe six takes… was getting a bit of a jam going and then would make a mistake… this take came together pretty well though. This is my pretty traditional setup I’ve been going for lately, but with the SP 202 and SP 303 added to theContinue reading “Beatober2021 #15 – Funk Your Style”

#jamtember2021 Track – Wanderlust

Hah… this shook out after three or four failed attempts to get something jamming right. Picture is from the trip to Yellowstone… I mean… if you ever can… you got to go. Just amazing. Yeah yeah yeah… another vaporwave style… and I swear, I’ll get some videos up of the process I’m doing… honestly nothingContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Wanderlust”