Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends

Well… here it is for today The track gave me some problems. Mostly Total Recall… I just realized that it triggers or rather changes parameters on the down event of a clock or gate… and Pam’s was sending a gate for 50% of a beat, meaning that the change was happening on 1.3 instead ofContinue reading “Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends”

Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters

Yah… sometimes we just need to simplify! Could’ve made this into a longer track, but yeah… I think keeping it short and simple definitely kept it moving and interesting. At least I feel like I got more out of it than I would have otherwise trying to layer a ton of sounds in and thenContinue reading “Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters”

Beatober2021 #17 – Looking for Redemption

This track was fun, but I also had a lot more time today to be picky with sound selection, make some various sections, and then add in eurorack for some extra spice. This track started from the much cleaner track recorded on soundcloud that I did pretty much everything on the MPC, and then justContinue reading “Beatober2021 #17 – Looking for Redemption”

Beatober2021 #16 – Simple Life

Decided to keep it simple today… really simple. What all is going on? The picture comes from Neural Blender again… still having fun with this, I still need to buy some credits and go to town here. Even if the images are not necessarily directly useful, it’s definitely got some inspiring and striking looks toContinue reading “Beatober2021 #16 – Simple Life”

Beatober2021 #15 – Funk Your Style

Okay… today felt pretty good… but did like… five… maybe six takes… was getting a bit of a jam going and then would make a mistake… this take came together pretty well though. This is my pretty traditional setup I’ve been going for lately, but with the SP 202 and SP 303 added to theContinue reading “Beatober2021 #15 – Funk Your Style”

Beatober2021 #10 – Lower Form of Life

Okay… still tired, but at least off my butt to do some music today. Still hitting a problem recording audio… but I think it is me… as the two tracks don’t seem to be the same. I recorded several takes, but somehow the last recording didn’t seem to match between the YouTube video and theContinue reading “Beatober2021 #10 – Lower Form of Life”

Beatober2021 #07 – Stand Up

So uhm… apparently I forgot how to operate my gear… clearly what happens when I take a break for a single day and use the pocket operators For this track I disconnected the entire hot mess from a couple days ago… and just really went to focus on basics. I decided I wanted to tryContinue reading “Beatober2021 #07 – Stand Up”

Beatober2021 #05 – Round the Bend

Yeah… not really sure what to make of this… other than way too many patch cables… it’s a serious mess. I don’t really know what I have done any more. The image is just my work pc… with a mysterious rocket flying into it? I don’t know… I hardly could muster the energy to pullContinue reading “Beatober2021 #05 – Round the Bend”

Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam

We all gotta struggle… Alright putting this track together was a pain… I had too many different elements going on, and out of the *nine* recording attempts… only one was halfway decent. My biggest problem is that about a third of what I put together just didn’t mesh with the other parts of the track.Continue reading “Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam”

Beatober2021 Jam #03 – Rizzo Rizzo

Dance? For this track I built it up off of 16 clips from an expansion, made sure to use each one… and then did a track explode on the MPC, set the pads 1-8 to output to 5/6 (and thus on the bottom chain of FX of the eurorack), and set pads 9-16 to outputContinue reading “Beatober2021 Jam #03 – Rizzo Rizzo”