Modular Case Has Arrived

Well I got the notice from UPS that the case was on it’s way, and it will be here today! Super excited to get my hands on it. Here’s a few pictures of the package and opening up the packaging. The UPS delivery person said this was one of the best packaged shipments he hasContinue reading “Modular Case Has Arrived”

Track – Chest Pain

This track came together pretty quickly. Maybe two hours of goofing around on the MPC Live mk2 at most. The core of it started with me patching on my modular system, and seeing what tones I could create, and then sync’ing that to the MPC Live mk2 over CV… well technically gate signals. You canContinue reading “Track – Chest Pain”

Erik Needham Modular Case

I ordered a case from Erik Needham back in January. I’ve been waiting patiently for six months or so now I think. It’s been a balance of waiting to get the modules together I wanted, and trying to get more room by selling off gear I don’t want to use any more. If you wantContinue reading “Erik Needham Modular Case”

Akai MPC Live mk2 / One CV outs

If you’re like me, and looking to integrate CV output from your MPC so that you can track out gate and CV to devices that will take CV input, you’ll find a difference from the MPC X to the MPC Live mk2 / One. On the MPC X, it has eight discrete CV output jacks,Continue reading “Akai MPC Live mk2 / One CV outs”