Beatober2021 #27.1 – Internet Etiquette & #27.2 – Everyday Carry

Just trying to see how much I could squeeze a track down… with four tracks and pushing the Mimeophon and Data Bender harder than I usually do… got some interesting results for sure. Wasn’t exactly excited by what came out for the first track so decided to give it another try and see what IContinue reading “Beatober2021 #27.1 – Internet Etiquette & #27.2 – Everyday Carry”

Beatober2021 #24 – These Lonely Streets

Another day and not as much time to dedicate to the track as I’d like… still mostly happy with how it came out though. More of a laid back/chill track for today. With of course, buffers galore, glitch effects, etc… this required over a dozen practice runs because I was trying to get a bitContinue reading “Beatober2021 #24 – These Lonely Streets”

Beatober2021 #23 – Ghost Mirage

Just something a little jazzy, a little funky… The track started out life back in August at my sister’s house while visiting, and was a subset of a jam session that I did with my brother in law. Sadly, no guitar or other instrument takes were had, so I had to add in some electricContinue reading “Beatober2021 #23 – Ghost Mirage”

Beatober2021 #22 – Bitter Sweet Symphony

This was initially just testing out my reconfigured setup… but figured I’d run with it. This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the configuration I am working on for getting multiple tracks together, just that I was getting some more concepts together 😀 Nothing technically I haven’t done before, but this is all tracks that I playedContinue reading “Beatober2021 #22 – Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Beatober2021 #21 – Mr. Big

Yeah! Finally getting a vision of some sounds/ideas to put together into a big ol’ mix and mash of tracks. I have been so focussed on trying to just get a track done, or only having a half hour that I kind of just forgot about my original goal of putting a set of tracksContinue reading “Beatober2021 #21 – Mr. Big”

Beatober2021 #20 – Witching Hour

Yesterday I got myself some credits on NeuralBlender… and actually started buying some art… whaaaaat. Decided to spend some time today trying to think about a way to use the Morphagene as a sample player of some sort… and got a couple samples going… didn’t go for anything crazy or off the rails… but theyContinue reading “Beatober2021 #20 – Witching Hour”

Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends

Well… here it is for today The track gave me some problems. Mostly Total Recall… I just realized that it triggers or rather changes parameters on the down event of a clock or gate… and Pam’s was sending a gate for 50% of a beat, meaning that the change was happening on 1.3 instead ofContinue reading “Beatober2021 #19 – A Night With Friends”

Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters

Yah… sometimes we just need to simplify! Could’ve made this into a longer track, but yeah… I think keeping it short and simple definitely kept it moving and interesting. At least I feel like I got more out of it than I would have otherwise trying to layer a ton of sounds in and thenContinue reading “Beatober2021 #18 – Late Night Drifters”