MPCBB 286 – Runnin Outta Time

So I won last week’s Beat Battle and got to pick the rules and the sample. The sample I went for is Miles Davis – So What. The rules I went for were any external sounds allowed, but you have to sample whatever you want to add from a microphone. No mic simulations allowed. There’sContinue reading “MPCBB 286 – Runnin Outta Time”

Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary

Boy, I thought I had posted this track a while ago… heck I made it nearly a year ago, but here it is. I put this track together in about an hour, and it was recorded on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 in conjunction with a Bastl Instruments Micro Granny. I spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary”