MPCBB #299 – Aeon’s Regret

Dropping off a track for MPC Forums Beat Battle #299 I rolled this track together in what… less than an hour I think? I just did lazy/manual chops by playing the track and tapping out the pads… I know it’s a bit sloppy, but honestly it sounded fine, and I wasn’t looking to make aContinue reading “MPCBB #299 – Aeon’s Regret”

MPCBB 268 – Relaxing Action

There weren’t any other entries, so I figured what the heck and put together a track. The sample itself was pretty basic, so I figured I would work on chopping it up and just finding a drum kit to play to it. I wanted to focus as much as possible on keeping the original audioContinue reading “MPCBB 268 – Relaxing Action”

Track – MPCBB289 – Long Way to Go

A bit of a scramble this one… but had fun listening to the song and picking out the parts I liked. All done on the MPC Live mk2… only software intervention was to load Fission so I could just cut the track to length and do a quick fade out. I promise 😀 This timeContinue reading “Track – MPCBB289 – Long Way to Go”

Track – MPCBB 285 – Hard Found Peace

Alrighty then! So for this track, I started it and finished it in about 30 minutes. I just didn’t have much time to hit the deadline yesterday… and figured I’d just cut to the chase for the throw down. To pull this together I just grabbed a four bar section that I liked the soundContinue reading “Track – MPCBB 285 – Hard Found Peace”