MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge Sounds

I recorded off some of the sounds that I used on the OP-1 as key groups into the MPC Live mk2. They are not going to sound exactly the same, but it should be pretty close. Definitely go into the key group and change the release to taste, as I pretty much left them asContinue reading “MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge Sounds”

Electro Funk – Robot Love

This track has been a bit of a labor of love… haha. I decided to jump into the next challenge for Electro Funk, and was listening to a lot of tracks from the era. If you want to check out the main post on MPC Forums for the Electro Funk Challenge, well go on overContinue reading “Electro Funk – Robot Love”

Taking a Break from Working on the Electro Funk Challenge

If you want to check out the MPC Forums Challenge… this time we’re working on some Electro Funk here. Yeah, I’ve taken a break from some of the Beat Battles to work on some songs… and so far this is fun, and a good opportunity to dust off gear other than the sampler. Here’s myContinue reading “Taking a Break from Working on the Electro Funk Challenge”