MPC Forums OP-1 Question…

Over at MPC Forums Danoc was asking a bit about the OP-1… here’s my response. It’s the Teenage Engineering OP-1. It has taken on the status of being an overpriced (released in 2011’ish at about $799 USD, today sells new for $1299 USD which was the latest price hike in 2019) piece of hipster musicContinue reading “MPC Forums OP-1 Question…”

MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge – Systematic Noise

This is my third pass at a Synth Pop track. I did some cool stuff on the MPC Live, but it is definitively not Synth Pop. Something I will absolutely put together as a finished track, but both tracks strayed from the Synth Pop sound way too much, and I decided I’d give it oneContinue reading “MPC Forums Synth Pop Challenge – Systematic Noise”

Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary

Boy, I thought I had posted this track a while ago… heck I made it nearly a year ago, but here it is. I put this track together in about an hour, and it was recorded on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 in conjunction with a Bastl Instruments Micro Granny. I spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary”

Older Firmware OP-1 Patches

I was looking around for something completely different, and happened to stumble upon this Reddit thread [DOWNLOAD] OP-1 Patches (op1_14203) which was posted to the OP-1 sub forum for users that wanted access to the older patches provided by the older OP-1 firmware. The direct link is currently still available to a google drive folderContinue reading “Older Firmware OP-1 Patches”

Heavens Gate – OP-1 Track

I’ve had this audio sitting on my OP-1 for a while (okay two weeks), and while I’d like to have sampled and chopped it up some, I figured I’d send it out into the universe. I had sent the loops over to my father and brother in-law to see if either of them wanted toContinue reading “Heavens Gate – OP-1 Track”