Track – Sounds of the Old Reliquary

Boy, I thought I had posted this track a while ago… heck I made it nearly a year ago, but here it is.

I put this track together in about an hour, and it was recorded on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 in conjunction with a Bastl Instruments Micro Granny. I spent a lot of time working out sounds to get it fairly noisy, and making it sound like it had some dark, odd vocal sounding components. The Micro Granny provided a lot of the ground work for those sounds, and I then spent some time to find string instruments on the OP-1 and played them at various tape speeds to get a more stretched out sound.

The Micro Granny is absolutely the star here though, and did most of the heavy lifting to get the interesting sounds that came out particularly distorted. It was not too hard to load up different sounds into the Granny and then play with the pitch and grain size to get interesting pulsating and dark sounds. It’s definitely a fun little device to have, and has made me on several occasions consider getting the Grandpa Eurorack module to add to my collection. Maybe some day. For now, I’ll stick with the Granny!

Older Firmware OP-1 Patches

I was looking around for something completely different, and happened to stumble upon this Reddit thread [DOWNLOAD] OP-1 Patches (op1_14203) which was posted to the OP-1 sub forum for users that wanted access to the older patches provided by the older OP-1 firmware. The direct link is currently still available to a google drive folder that somebody was nice enough too put together here.

For me, this is an interesting find, because it isn’t always easy to find the older firmware for devices, and often when you do find the older firmware it is missing a lot of features and functionality to the point of not wanting to downgrade. What is great about these patches is that they are drop in replacements for the OP-1 and gives you some view into what the older firmware was able to do with sampling and the sound engines, without the need to downgrade your device.

My assumption why these older patches were removed is mostly to save space for the newer added sound engines, as well as to help make room for newer content that could be interesting for new and existing users. The OP-1 definitely has a limited amount of space, and storage usage is a premium due to the older technology it is built upon.

Even though these patches are older, many of them are worth taking a look at, especially if you’re a newer OP-1 user and were never exposed to them. Enjoy and have fun!

Heavens Gate – OP-1 Track

I’ve had this audio sitting on my OP-1 for a while (okay two weeks), and while I’d like to have sampled and chopped it up some, I figured I’d send it out into the universe. I had sent the loops over to my father and brother in-law to see if either of them wanted to try and play some guitar over it. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Maybe they were too intimidated, I mean this is super awesome! If you’re interested in playing around with or adding something to this track, I’d love to hear it, so link something in the comments!

For those who are curious, this was created by playing a couple of sounds from Reason, I wanted to check out some piano sounds and effects, as well as the Humana Vocal Ensemble. I played the two different tracks at different speeds, and ultimately ended up slowing the OP-1 tracks down six semitones. Running at 1:1 speed it’s a bit too chipper, but I still find this track to sound uplifting and fun.

I think there something interesting that can be done on the PO-33, so don’t be surprised if you hear this coming up in another song in the future!