OP-Z oplab Installation

The oplab module for my OP-Z finally showed up today. I ordered it back in July, and it’s been backordered for quite some time. I read on the op-forums people having problems with the oplab latch, warped cases, etc… so I wasn’t totally sure how it was going to work out. I was certainly concerned that the oplab would not work.

Cut to the next fifteen minutes after installing the oplab module, and the best I could get out of it was a red flash, and then none of the blinking lights to show activity I expected. I tried hooking up the oplab outputs to various inputs on my eurorack, and wasn’t able to see any output triggering on my oscilloscope, gate triggers, or anything else. That was disappointing. I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, tried squeezing the case in case there was a connection issue… none of this helped.

Queue to some frantic searching through op-forums and other web searches. No bananas. I watched the Cuckoo oplab Installation video and saw that it operated as I expected with blinking lights, and my oplab was not exhibiting the same behavior. I decided to go to the OP-Z oplab module manual, which is pretty short, but suggests looking for firmware for the oplab. For those of you have looked, this exists for the OP-1 oplab, but there is nothing for the OP-Z oplab module. #FoiledAgain and all that.

I decided to re-read through the manual, and came to a conclusion…

I was going to have to factory reset the OP-Z and see if that helped. I rarely have found this to be helpful, but hey, why not. After following the backup and then factory reset steps, I have to say success. Whatever was causing the issue, whether it was a config problem or something else, I want you to know that doing the factory reset actually worked for me!