Beatober2021 #06 – Something

And now for something completely different. Today I just decided to do what I could with the pocket operators I have on hand… PO-32, PO-33, PO-35… and see what would come from it. I’ll definitely get back to the MPC Live and Eurorack, but just needed a change of pace for a bit. Probably willContinue reading “Beatober2021 #06 – Something”

Track – STBB #697 – Good ‘ol Claude

This week’s challenge on STBB Forever is #697 – Claude Debussy. Rules were pretty open, go find your own Claude sounds. I ended up listening to a *lot* of this Youtube track I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but I did consume a lot of it. There is a lot of great music inContinue reading “Track – STBB #697 – Good ‘ol Claude”

Track – On the Road

This is a track I have been working on for about a week on the PO-33. All the sampling and mixing was done within the little box. I continue to like this little device because it really forces you to think about a potentially crippling amount of sampling time and a very real four noteContinue reading “Track – On the Road”

Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever

This track comes courtesy of STBB Forever BB #695, there were two tracks to chop up. The rules were effectively to chop whatever, use your own drums, no external instruments, and you needed to drop a change up in the track. I’m interested to see what others do this week. Similar to the MPC BBContinue reading “Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever”

Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama

This picture comes courtesy of Photoshop Camera on the iPhone with one of the goofy filters. I was out RV’ing with my family and my parents for a couple of days over the weekend… which held me up from having time to pull together more of a track. I was split on the track thisContinue reading “Track – MPC 283 – Road to Mama”

Who’s Home – PO-33 #Jamuary

I’m not really happy with this, but I also had a bit of a gap for #Jamuary. Guess it was too much to think I’d put something together every day. On the other hand, it is freeing to have just taken a few takes, and going for the best of them so that I canContinue reading “Who’s Home – PO-33 #Jamuary”

Its my Jam – PO-33 Track

The image is courtesy of a road trip I did with my family from the East Coast out to Montana. On the way back we stopped at an amethyst mine, and I got some really cool pictures of some older beat up vehicles. There was some really cool stuff going on here, and we gotContinue reading “Its my Jam – PO-33 Track”

Glass Mythology – PO-33 Track

The image comes courtesy of a business trip to Bangalore. The pool with the blue lights looked amazing so I had to take a picture. I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of these eye catching images… and maybe I can do a better job getting a “live” photo on my phone… orContinue reading “Glass Mythology – PO-33 Track”

Afternoon Breeze – PO-33 Track

The image is from my daughter. While we took a trip out to Montana she kept borrowing my phone to take strange pictures with odd filters. This is one of many featuring one of our dogs. It looked intense enough to be a good track image. Enjoy the image of my dog slowly zooming inContinue reading “Afternoon Breeze – PO-33 Track”