Track – STBB 698 – Security Blanket

As I said in the previous post, this track had to come together quite quickly… and this is maybe at best an hour worth of work. I scrambled to get it together and then added some decorative vocals and a baseline to boot. In all seriousness this track is a bit over compressed, you canContinue reading “Track – STBB 698 – Security Blanket”

Track – STBB #696 – Disco Gummy

For this week, the drop was what… 300+ clips. The rules were to use at least three, and you had to put product placement in your track of at least five seconds. For the STBB Beat Battle #696 Funky-Disco-Trip I tore threw a bunch of loops that I found interesting to work with, and decidedContinue reading “Track – STBB #696 – Disco Gummy”

Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever

This track comes courtesy of STBB Forever BB #695, there were two tracks to chop up. The rules were effectively to chop whatever, use your own drums, no external instruments, and you needed to drop a change up in the track. I’m interested to see what others do this week. Similar to the MPC BBContinue reading “Track – STBB #695 – Running Forever”