Couple of SP-404 mk2 tracks

Still having fun with the mk2! I find it to occupy a nice space between my other gear, it’s not as powerful as the MPC Live as a sampler or for creating patterns, but there’s also something refreshing about being limited. Also, the product line has been quite focussed on resampling in the past, andContinue reading “Couple of SP-404 mk2 tracks”

Getting the Tape Grain Glitch case back into working order… plus Track – Sounds From the Universe

More or less took a couple week musical break. Two things happened. First, I wanted to do some more case modifications to my make noise case… and having to take it apart, drill and Dremel… it was a several day investment of time for getting it all squared away, measure everything to get it toContinue reading “Getting the Tape Grain Glitch case back into working order… plus Track – Sounds From the Universe”

Track – Isolation

Not sure why, but this feels like it is in the space of the ‘peak sound’ I’ve been working towards with this setup. Still a bit noisy and still a bit awkward to control sometimes, but hands on, a bit glitchy, and something that can sustain momentum. The track started the day as something happier,Continue reading “Track – Isolation”

MPC Forums Beat Battle #321 – How You Flop

First, shout out to MPC Forums, and check out the Beat Battle #321 thread if you want to see what others are up to at I guess this track was about 90 minutes to put together? A lot of the time was spent chopping, and then finding different lines. I gave a stab atContinue reading “MPC Forums Beat Battle #321 – How You Flop”

Track – Starlight By The Beach

I did a thing Well the track didn’t use the eurorack for much, but I did a bit of processing through it before recording a bunch of audio into the SPs, then chopping that content up on the MPC to actually play it. Given all the noise it became a bit of a hassle toContinue reading “Track – Starlight By The Beach”

Track – Influence

Just a somewhat simple lunch break track… This track was so many takes to get to this somewhat still janky state. At least fifteen, and the worst is that I hadn’t setup the input/recorder properly to actually capture any takes. I had a good one or two in there, and then realized I was recordingContinue reading “Track – Influence”