Track – A City At Peace

Had a long day, day off for my daughter, and some arguments. She’s not happy that I wouldn’t pay for her to eat at Starbucks, and I’m not happy to be treated as a piggy bank. So put this together to just decompress and relax a bit. So just used the same setup/patch in theContinue reading “Track – A City At Peace”

Track – The Streets Watch Back

Been trying to work out some issues, and make tracks louder. This track I tried to push into using the morphagene for a bit of ambient noise to bring in and out to an okay effect. Probably something that is better to automate with an envelope so have it swell in over time, but that’llContinue reading “Track – The Streets Watch Back”

Beatober2021 #29 – Air Pollution

A day track this time… Recorded off some samples onto the SP-202, slowed them down, and tried to get a bit of the LoFi 1 crunch to get a bit into the Vaporwave space, but this is definitely not 80’s inspired or reminiscent… so I guess it is something else. Resampled the loops back intoContinue reading “Beatober2021 #29 – Air Pollution”

Beatober2021 #28 – When the Mirror Looks Back

Scurried off and used loop mode to record me noodling around on the Triton Studio until I found something that felt decent. I ended up unplugging a bunch of patch cables because there was some CV in place that was messing with me, so ended up with about 10 different but similar recordings, but hadContinue reading “Beatober2021 #28 – When the Mirror Looks Back”

Beatober2021 #27.1 – Internet Etiquette & #27.2 – Everyday Carry

Just trying to see how much I could squeeze a track down… with four tracks and pushing the Mimeophon and Data Bender harder than I usually do… got some interesting results for sure. Wasn’t exactly excited by what came out for the first track so decided to give it another try and see what IContinue reading “Beatober2021 #27.1 – Internet Etiquette & #27.2 – Everyday Carry”

Beatober2021 #24 – These Lonely Streets

Another day and not as much time to dedicate to the track as I’d like… still mostly happy with how it came out though. More of a laid back/chill track for today. With of course, buffers galore, glitch effects, etc… this required over a dozen practice runs because I was trying to get a bitContinue reading “Beatober2021 #24 – These Lonely Streets”