Beatober2021 #10 – Lower Form of Life

Okay… still tired, but at least off my butt to do some music today. Still hitting a problem recording audio… but I think it is me… as the two tracks don’t seem to be the same. I recorded several takes, but somehow the last recording didn’t seem to match between the YouTube video and theContinue reading “Beatober2021 #10 – Lower Form of Life”

Beatober2021 #07 – Stand Up

So uhm… apparently I forgot how to operate my gear… clearly what happens when I take a break for a single day and use the pocket operators For this track I disconnected the entire hot mess from a couple days ago… and just really went to focus on basics. I decided I wanted to tryContinue reading “Beatober2021 #07 – Stand Up”

Beatober2021 #05 – Round the Bend

Yeah… not really sure what to make of this… other than way too many patch cables… it’s a serious mess. I don’t really know what I have done any more. The image is just my work pc… with a mysterious rocket flying into it? I don’t know… I hardly could muster the energy to pullContinue reading “Beatober2021 #05 – Round the Bend”

Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam

We all gotta struggle… Alright putting this track together was a pain… I had too many different elements going on, and out of the *nine* recording attempts… only one was halfway decent. My biggest problem is that about a third of what I put together just didn’t mesh with the other parts of the track.Continue reading “Beatober2021 Jam #04 – Jimmy Jam”

Beatober2021 Jam #03 – Rizzo Rizzo

Dance? For this track I built it up off of 16 clips from an expansion, made sure to use each one… and then did a track explode on the MPC, set the pads 1-8 to output to 5/6 (and thus on the bottom chain of FX of the eurorack), and set pads 9-16 to outputContinue reading “Beatober2021 Jam #03 – Rizzo Rizzo”