#jamuary2021 – Piece of Mine

This is the eighteenth track for #jamuary2021… only thirteen(?) to go?! Picture is from my dog Amy… she was totally chilling the other day. Well, honestly, she chills every day! That’s her secret, she’s always relaxed. Except when the wind is blowing leaves around… then she’s full attack mode. Other than that though, she’s conservingContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Piece of Mine”

#jamuary2021 – Fears for Tears

Day 17… The picture is from a painting I did years ago… I think I gave it to my mom? *shrug*… somebody probably still has it. This track came together pretty fast. I started with a pretty basic drum beat and bass line, and tweaked the FX, pitch, etc… a bit to get a bitContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Fears for Tears”

#jamuary2021 – Almost There

Day 16… it may be cold outside but it is getting warm in here… The picture is a chocolate cake we had for Valentine’s Day… really good… I’m pretty sure my wife picked it up at Whole Foods… if I remember correctly. For the track it’s another mix of chops and synths… and auto sampling…Continue reading “#jamuary2021 – Almost There”

#jamuary2021 – Data Repeater

Just spent most of the day doing small things… so figured I’d wrap this turkey up :D’ The picture is from some resin structures we made as a family this year. My dad was all about how copper killed COVID or something silly, so he sent us some. I didn’t buy into it, and IContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Data Repeater”

#jamuary2021 – Silent Grace

Day five… and I am still alive! The picture comes from a Barnum and Bailey Circus show that we brought our daughter to. She loved it. Definitely was weird though… we were near the front of the stadium and these massive and majestic creatures still looked so small. We offered our daughter to go seeContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Silent Grace”

MPCBB #299 – Aeon’s Regret

Dropping off a track for MPC Forums Beat Battle #299 I rolled this track together in what… less than an hour I think? I just did lazy/manual chops by playing the track and tapping out the pads… I know it’s a bit sloppy, but honestly it sounded fine, and I wasn’t looking to make aContinue reading “MPCBB #299 – Aeon’s Regret”

#jamuary2021 – Method of Attack

Day four is a bit more rocking today. Went in a kind of house/trance direction… The picture comes from a trip to Disney World that my wife and I took our daughter to for her third birthday. She doesn’t remember the trip at all today, but at the time she had a blast. When sheContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Method of Attack”

#jamuary2021 – Mad Cap

Day three’s track is in the house! The image comes courtesy of one of my wife’s trips to New York City with her friends years ago. I repurposed it for my track… hopefully she doesn’t mind 😀 I mentioned yesterday that I started working on this track yesterday right after throwing in the towel forContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Mad Cap”

#jamuary2021 – Biggest Regret

Day two of #jamuary 2021 The picture comes courtesy of my daughter finding a frog in the backyard over the summer and we caught a few pictures of it. She was super excited to have found such a small critter hanging out in the back yard and just wanted to get a few close upsContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Biggest Regret”

#jamcember – Ninth Circle

Here’s to slugging out the last track for December, and heading into the new year! This track came about from creating an audio track from a 32 bar loop on the Access Virus TI2 Darkstar. I automated a few parameters and figured it sound cool enough to add some drums and FX to it. IContinue reading “#jamcember – Ninth Circle”