#jamtember2021 Track – Always

Mostly happy with how this track came out… Picture is just of the SP-202… just thought it looked kinda cool all lit up. The track itself came together pretty quickly, though I did have to go tweak a number of samples once I ran it through YAM… all of a sudden I was noticing allContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Always”

#jamtember2021 Track – Flexing

Something that I was working on last month, and dug up to make sure it got completed… The picture is from the zoo we visited in Hawaii. The track itself I worked on while visiting my sister and came about from trying to prep some content for jamming with my brother in law. We gotContinue reading “#jamtember2021 Track – Flexing”

#Jamtember2021 Track – Miss You

Had a slightly longer lunch break than intended, but came to this track as an end point. The picture is another one from the walk. Just some train tracks that I had to walk over, and look like a good time to snap a quick picture. More importantly though, what I had for lunch. ChickenContinue reading “#Jamtember2021 Track – Miss You”

#Jamtember2021 Track – You’re All Invited

It is on! Going to hit up a track a day, with the goal of hitting 300 tracks posted to soundcloud by the end of the year. This should get me within striking distance of, six tracks left to do afterwards I think… I’ll have to try and just hit that before the end ofContinue reading “#Jamtember2021 Track – You’re All Invited”

Yorgos Arabatzsis Mastering 2.0.2 Released

Yorgos just released the 2.0.2 mastering suite for the Akai MPC Live/X/One using some of the new features in the 2.10 firmware. If you already have the suite you should have gotten an email, and he also posted some information on the MPC Forums thread YA MASTERING TEMPLATE. Below is what I just posted inContinue reading “Yorgos Arabatzsis Mastering 2.0.2 Released”

Track – Hungers

This track started while I was out visiting my sister and her family last week. Was just sitting on a chair and knocking out some sounds to see what would stick. The picture is from a library, the venting looked interesting so a snapped a picture. Ran it through a Ps Camera filter (elements?) justContinue reading “Track – Hungers”

Track – Right in the Kisser

It’s kind of funny… because after doing the two months of making a track a day back to back… I feel like my flow has transitioned to just putting stuff down in a different sort of way, making it a bit more raw… The picture is from a few years back, when Amy was moreContinue reading “Track – Right in the Kisser”

#jamuary2021 – Quiet Heart

Last day for #jamuary2021… and I’m happy to look towards doing some more music still, but probably at a slower pace so that I can focus on tracks a bit more. The picture is of the fire pit that we built… going to miss it when we move to the new house, but we’ll createContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Quiet Heart”

#jamuary2021 – Foundation

Day 23… just a handful more to put together to wrap up the month! The picture is from a trip to Puerto Rico… probably around twenty years ago now. Just a quick snap that I took while driving by the beach. The water down there is amazing! Putting the track together, I figured I’d workContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Foundation”

#jamuary2021 – Bleeding

Day 22… and this is a very noisy DnB track… so considered yourself warned… The pictures is of a family friend’s dog, that just looked super evil for the day. I might have to play with the picture again, because it could really turn into something special. Not today though… because it’s just about timeContinue reading “#jamuary2021 – Bleeding”