Roland SP-404 mk2 Guide v0.15

This update focus on the Sample Mode section, and I dumped in some of the related topics like Chromatic, Cue, and other things that can help determine how a pad may play.

Further, I spent probably way too much time to figure out how End Mark works, but I figured it out and documented it. This helped land a few updates into the Sample Edit section to also add information about copy/delete for a sample. I kind of think I already typed this up in data management, but whatever… if I duplicated information, well I can get around to fixing it when I get to a place where I am ready to start reviewing the document. For now, I’m just trying to get it as complete as I can.

Also, just a thought. I did try recording a few videos and workflows using the mk2, and was also using the mk2 as an audio source… and it started off great, but I ended up hitting some issues with EXT SOURCE turning off after showing how to record and… whoops… the videos didn’t quite go as I wanted. I do have a Zoom H6, and I may need to roll that into the process in order to capture the audio from the mk2, and from a microphone, along with the video.

Or you know… pick up a proper recording setup some day. But for now, it’s just been my phone and whatever I can cobble together.

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